when you can't reach enemies with a dagger build

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  1. What’s the love for 3 innings? I think it’s wack it’s a legit coin flip, feels like you don’t get enough PAs in the game so it feels like your guys play bad

  2. Anyone know when Evolution is coming to console?

  3. “What do you mean we can finally play the game now”

  4. Is that 15 seconds of strength worth it tho

  5. Not even it’s like 15 years who never actually played games before fortnite

  6. I wanna hear what the guy who said he jerked off 10 times a day thinks about this and the guy who said he fucks his gf 3 times a day before they did their cycles they could give good insight.

  7. I need to see your build I too love the sword and the board

  8. The phrase you are looking for is “nip it in the bud”, meaning to suppress or destroy something while it’s still in its early, manageable stages, like snipping a flower bud before it blooms.

  9. “Nip it in the but…” “But what?”

  10. I killed that stormveil castle gatekeeper bc I thought he was gonna fuck me over… he was just a gatekeeper

  11. That’s what I’m saying Vlad vs left has a .248 BA and a .248 BABIP, not very good. Also vis matters a lot this year to me but that’s opinion there but agreed on discipline

  12. Nah vision effects outer PCI which has very little effect since even low vis cards get foul offs outside the outer PCI for some reason.

  13. How we know Goku is the strongest: he’s always compared to the “most powerful” characters

  14. I changed it after that comment lol that’s on me

  15. I think this is a joke but I can never tell anymore

  16. Like most people here, here to collect cards, do collections and not even play the game.

  17. Like how the point of your dick doesn’t work?

  18. Shut commentary off, one of the best things I’ve done

  19. Fuck men! Using a man to do whatever you want to them should be a right! They deserve be to humiliated while we get off watching!

  20. There are a bunch of them now. Wing, G Gundam, X, etc

  21. Ohhh just the general series other than UC

  22. Even some UC things are AUs, like Origin or Thunderbolt

  23. Oh dang I didn’t even know those werent “canon”

  24. Everyone who complains about repetition and bad commentary needs to do this BUT the one thing is the god damn hecklers who you can hear so much better catch me off guard and they actually mess me up lol

  25. That god damn swing guy is my nemesis, i think the lady who goes “DROP IT” is actually funny tho

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