1. Absolutely heartwarming

  2. Japan is a great place. Super interesting culturally, great tourism and food. Personally I would never work or live there. The work culture is terrible especially at "black companies," there's little room for advancement, and there are some pretty deep cultural gaps between how Americans approach work relationships (between superior/lower rank) and how the Japanese approach it that makes it hard to operate if you don't know the nuances. Cost of living is insane. The government is also more conservative than you'd think.

  3. Do you live there or did you used to?

  4. Do you ever sell stuff? The sub definitely hates you, lol. There are one or two others it used to get like this, but it definitely hates you the most rn

  5. Now you know how it feels like to have games in different timezones.. ;)

  6. Oh I live close enough that I get the live broadcast, so I'm taping it as usual. If I happen to be up I'll watch it live, but I'll probably end up starting off behind.

  7. They're the defending champs with 3 hall of famer players and a hall of fame coach. Kind of would expect it.

  8. Yeah and we haven't had a 50 win season since 1977. It makes me sad to see how irrelevant we are.

  9. It's ... not great. What bothers me the last week or so since media day and shortly before, is all the people and players on this organization talking about the Wizards have dogs. No. They don't. But that's okay! You can win games and handle your business all the same. But nobody on this team is a dog. And again, that's okay. I'm just tired of hearing people on the Wizards say it like it's true.

  10. Almost made this post myself. Like at this point he's been gone a long long time. Get it together Twitter

  11. They're probably coming up soon if Jordan Schakel is out there.

  12. Some kind of variation of "Noggin" sounds like. I love the commentary though. Even if it's a low budget


  14. shhhh....no tears...only dreams now

  15. This is great. Rui looks good, Brad looks genuinely happy and excited, WUJ seems like he's in a good mood and joking.

  16. lol wow how have I never heard this until now

  17. Those videos of Curry with the Sumo guy and the little girl trying to dribble are hilarious. Rui looks good. He's starting a lot better this season than last.

  18. He wants to. Or so he said.

  19. It's the old weekly thread, both threads are still up :)

  20. Ah, gotcha. I de-announced this one. Thanks! :D

  21. NBATV & NBC Sports Washington

  22. I just hope he doesn't ruin Daniel's decent ability to rebound using two hands by encouraging erratic one-handed volleyball punching instead.

  23. lmfao I freaking hate that. It's a move you do like once a week and some guys just decide to do that half the time instead of actually rebounding

  24. I frequently yelled at Marcin from the 400s about the fact he needed to grab the fucking ball instead of bullshitting around with his tap taps lol

  25. So maddening. Thanks for raging on him for me, lol. You going to the open practice on the 11th?

  26. Here’s my dilemma: Go to my team’s Basketball practice or watch Wizards vs. Warriors?

  27. Go to practice and tape the game and watch it after practice. Practice hard, knowing theyre playing while you’re practicing.

  28. Love these! Can't wait to wake up bleary eyed on Friday at 6 in the mornin to watch a preseason game.

  29. He's there in the training camp video, so he's at training camp. Maybe his flight got in late or something.

  30. If you ever get a chance to, do it, it's crazy

  31. Some Kispert video from Rob Parks

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