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  1. who let this robert guy host a tournament

  2. Hey man, how long did it take before citygobuy was able to purchase from cappuccino? I bought a pair from the cappuccino through citygobuy and it still hasn't been purchased. It's been 7 days already.

  3. Citygobuy is very slow, it took around 12 days

  4. When did you order these? They were out of stock in US 11 when I tried to order from 2 different sellers

  5. Placed the order on the 5th, but citygobuy is slow as shit so they probably ordered it way later

  6. I make my bed up before going to sleep

  7. it took me a few to find out what was wrong

  8. trans and non binary people are not valid imo

  9. I acknowledge and accept these guidelines, and thanks for the awesome guides

  10. Voting has concluded. Final vote:

  11. 5.9 EQ??? never heard of that deck

  12. how is gym the 3rd highest yall weird

  13. You learn a language of your choice

  14. don't need nothing special to happen to do that, just some time and effort

  15. tombstone and electro dragon f lol nah

  16. /unlie we’re under too many levels of irony are we agreeing or are we disagreeing?

  17. Could I get so Riot Gun buddies please RyanAtDust2 🗿

  18. me too plz 🥺🥺🥺🙏

  19. wow you can finally play nier automata the way it's meant to be played

  20. i also wish somebody would've made such a can, i want to bring a monster energy can to school and be able to seal it because i wouldnt drink it all

  21. this is almost gonna make me vomit

  22. reedkatt cursed with the 1misses fr

  23. nu este roman este din basarabia si este un prost fara parintii si nu este smeker si este slab

  24. what's up with the spaces links in viral tweets lately

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