1. Looks great! You could work on getting it a bit more smooth

  2. Any tips on how to do that? I’m working with plastilina and I’m not sure what tools are best to smooth it out

  3. I don't have any experience with that material, but these silicone tip sculpting tools may help. Yoc can try smoothing the surface carefully with your Finger or maybe try some water or something but I'm not sure how well that will work

  4. It’s only a problem for me. It doesn’t bother her that she’s not getting any of something that she doesn’t want.

  5. As the less sexually driven partner in a now 5 year relationship, she won't really realize how much it bothers you. At least that was the case for me. It sounds harsh but only because my partner threatened to end the relationship I realized what a big deal that was for him, because it wasn't for me. We talked a lot about it and it got better for both of us :)

  6. Hey, you seem to be a wise one here. Please go on a bit more about your experience. I am fairly young in a relationship, would love to know some dos and don'ts.

  7. Well just talking a lot is good, about everything. Don't be afraid to be open about things that bother you. because the other partner will notice that something is up and it will build into a lot of tension, which will lead to fighting (mostly about unrelated things without resolving the underlying issue). I think many people (especially a lot of women) assume their partner can read their mind... Also same goes for things you like of course, not just stuff that's bothering you.

  8. I, too, once thought it would be a funny thing and used it on a player during a oneshot and I immediately realised how messed up it was to basically remove the entirety of their character. At that point, death is more merciful It's a brutal spell, and it is the only spell that I think only players should have

  9. Well, at least yours was a Oneshot. Ours is the main campain we've been playing for years... Guess the remaining characters have to find someone who can cast greater restoration

  10. update: they found someone and we are back to normal, hooray

  11. Waist up portrait for 40€, Couples portrait for 60€! Includes corresponding flag or a flat colour/gradient as background.

  12. I like how soft and like, tender it is. I had to get over it the first few times but I really grew to like it

  13. Maybe try a vegan mayo if you dont like the sulfuriness of the eggs

  14. Just say that it's the same spirit in a different form.

  15. Yeah its just like find familiar, which is always the same spirit, too

  16. As they say, it's only a real goblin if you can change the skin colour from green to a natural colour and it still looks like a goblin and not a halfling!

  17. Part of it is probably the pose, it looks quite stiff in the shoulders and especially the legs/hooves look very floaty. Don't be afraid to copy a pose off of a photograph, or even trace one for the sake of time, as anatomy is not the focus of this piece but rather the design.

  18. I'll put it on my list! I love herrrr :O

  19. Hi, I do special Pride Commissions, I will draw your lgbtq+ character/characters at a discounted price :)

  20. Adobe is the best/worst example of this. What used to be maybe a couple hundred dollars for the whole suite, permanently on your computer and with updates, is now an indefinite sinkhole where you can never own the product--ever. Thank God they're not the only option anymore, but a lot of industries still require it 😕

  21. It would be useful when you only need it for one project, you can just buy if for one or two months then unsubscribe, but no they have a stupid contract bullshit where you have to pay half price for the rest of the contract if you try to cancel I just wish they would offer both a subscription and a lifetime purchase. I think once I graduate and can't afford the price anymore I'll have to switch to clip studio or affinity or something

  22. I just hope they win't shove battle passes and stuff in your face that much. Or worse, having to unlock heroes before you can play them. Their release of diablo immortal and its insane cash grab has me worried. F2p is ruining games

  23. Im asexual and its a pretty new realization for me. I always assumed that because i could have sex and because it made me feel closer to my partners i couldn’t be asexual. But i never had a crush, never looked at anyone and felt a sexual urge, never looked and anyone and felt a romantic urge, and felt the need to masterbate either. I like people (mostly). I can tell when someone is attractive, just how i can look at a painting and find it beautiful but there is no sexuality to that beauty. People don’t become any sort of romantic possibility either until i get to know them really well. Just being casual friends doesn’t do it. There has to be something outside the physical that draws me in and finally clicks my brain over into “romance”. Once that switch is flipped, thats when i start to want to get closer to them and my sexual desire kicks in.

  24. I think what you just described is called "Demisexual" which means you only feel sexual attraction to people you are emotionally very close to.

  25. I would imagine the downside is that it makes traditional romantic and sexual relationships / forging deeply intimate connections with a potential life partner more challenging.

  26. Yes it does. I didn't even realize I was somewhere on the ace spectrum until my boyfriend complained and asked why I never initiated sex. He even thought I cheated on him or something. Its all good though, we're happy together, but we've had our disagreements.

  27. Love your style! The blocky black shadows and alsobthe colour scheme are really nice!

  28. Work on proportions. The arms and hands are tiny compared to the head, maybe study off some photographs to get the proportions for your pose right. Also don't be afraid to sketch a little bigger than your frame and crop it afterwards. That way you will avoid stuff like trying to fit the arms into the frame and making the upper arms too short. I personally always sketch very small so I have plenty of space around it and scale my sketch up later and crop stuff off that doesn't fit on the canvas. I like your colour scheme, it could maybe use a little more contrast in the dark tones.

  29. Woah thank you so much for the advice, I can see what you meant after i looked at my pic again 😭 This really helps cause ive always wondered why some parts looked wrong and i didnt know why. I'll also try sketching small first, Thank you so much :))

  30. If you're unsure about proportions and you used a reference, overlaying your drawing over the reference often helps a lot, too, and even tracing a photo reference and learning the proportions that way can help a lot! Glad I could be helpful to you :D

  31. The worst thing that cam happen with these things is that you don't get in/don't win so always do things like that!

  32. I can't bite on any skins. Like the peels on tomatoes or on plums, when they're just these very thin pieces of skin that you can't bite through and that just scrunching feeling when you bite on it... It makes me gag. I love tomatoes but I can only eat them when they're peeled or diced really small, on maybe in thin slices :(

  33. If god is all knowing, he knows about the suffering in the world. If god is all good, he wants to do something about it. If god is all powerful, he can.

  34. I think there was something about free will: god gave humans free will and so he can't interfere with humans being humans, because this would interfere with free will. That doesn't explain why He wouldn't prevent non-human made disasters like earthquakes or tornadoes, though

  35. The proportions are just very off. Looking up some references should fix it :) Is the ribcage supposed to look like a little creepy? Because it looks like the ribs are just poking out of her body. If you're struggling with copying a reference, try tracing it (yes, hear me out) and try to remember all your shapes that you traced. Then draw it again with the traced drawing and the original as references.

  36. I usually just lurk as a guest, but I made a Reddit account just for this. Cooks for public schools. They are constantly overworked, underpaid, and disrespected. Most schools have only a few ovens and microwaves, so school chefs have to either jam unsafe amounts of frozen food into ovens and microwaves, which is a giant fire hazard, or work non-stop from early morning.

  37. meanwhile, they have whole kitchens in japan dedicated to delivering healthy, balanced meals made from scratch to all the schools in the area. every student is guaranteed one healthy meal per day and they even have food specialists who come up with recipies.

  38. Looks good, I'm impressed about hoe smooth the lines are! But why would you torture your poor wrists like that... A small drawing tablet is super cheap nowadays and it gives you a lot more freedom to sketch and structure your forms more

  39. Thanks! Here where I live these tablets are a little bit expensive. They're pretty much off reach right now, but they're an objective of mine, so I will probably get them maybe in the next year or so.

  40. I don' t know anything about your workflow, but maybe sketching in pencil, then scanning it or taking a photo and doing the rest digitally would work well until you're able to afford a tablet?

  41. Like once a week I go to the farmers market/supermarket and get like 4 massive heads of kale. Toss it in olive oil, a little onion powder, a little garlic powder then crisp it in the oven (in batches).

  42. Kale is so great but sadly it's really hard to get where I live. I had fresh kale only once in a hellofresh box and it was so good. Local supermarket only has frozen kale and that shit is gross.

  43. It's sunflower seeds > carrots > almonds/cashews for me. I love the crunch of things, but I find that deshelling sunflower seeds helps me to not eat so many of them.

  44. It looks like you drew the mouth from a frontal view, but the head is at a 3/4 angle. Same for the eyes. They are not wrapping around the head in 3D space. The eye on the left and the left part of the mouth would get squished a little because of the perspective. Looking up some references or 3D models may help.

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