1. It’s not in your picture but it’s elsewhere on that mural.

  2. i’m not a mod here so i don’t actually have the ability to enforce what gets posted on this sub.

  3. If you can legitimately drive 270, then you should be able to play 6500-6800 yard courses, hitting short irons into most greens.

  4. Yes, agree with this. You probably pick up a ton of strokes around and on the green. Sure, shorter irons in will help you hit more greens but we all miss plenty of greens even taking 8 or 9 irons in.

  5. Hole 5 at Quail Ridge here in Grand Rapids is a doozy. I think it’s 312 to go straight at the pin from the tee box, but you’ have to clear about 270 yards of tall trees to get there.

  6. Could you elaborate on why you prefer walking? Assuming you enjoy the health-related benefits but curious if you find game-related benefits. I started walking this year too and I’m just wondering what your experience has been versus renting a motorized cart every time.

  7. So, yes, exercise. Also, if playing with another person, I find walking with my clubs directly to my ball makes it more likely for me to find it (if there is any issue) versus having to go to 2 places for 2 balls - I lose my line more then. That was more important earlier in the year, when I was more erratic and had more trouble tracking the ball, but it is still true. I find it calming. I am never without the club I need even if I change my mind because of lie or elevation changes, which would force me to walk back to the cart or use the wrong club. My rangefinder is in the bag, so I will not leave it in the cart.

  8. This was 100% a regular thing before the pandemic. We’re just getting back to our old selves, I think.

  9. Yeah, but if I told you there were 6 men in the secret basement of a vacuum repair store on 64th street plotting to kidnap the governor and give her some sort of military-style citizens trial, I bet you would think I was nuts.

  10. I think it should be a moment of reflection for us. Kurt Reppart unabashedly supported a defunding of the police. That isn’t a popular opinion and he got voted out.

  11. They’re probably thankful you left them and played on.

  12. Agree 100%. In fact when I am the twosome of hackers I look for these opportunities.

  13. If you are able to get a prescription the medication is free at many Meijer locations.

  14. If you put ketchup on a hot dog you can’t eat it in my house.

  15. I found this the other day. Not comprehensive but does offer analysis from an actual lawyer and addresses many of the common objections to Proposal 3 that are being promoted.

  16. Best I can do is a 6 foot putting mat in a half bath.

  17. I use a 48 degree wedge. Depending on where I put it in my stance I can control a little of the run.

  18. I’m an infielder by trade. Here are my top tips for when I get stuck in the OF.

  19. I’m mostly drawing conclusions based on financials from last year.

  20. You think it was more than $30 million? I wouldn’t doubt it. What’s the going rate for an MLB superstar these days? About $30 million a year?

  21. OK. Can you point me to which part of the definition of secure you think he doesn't meet? Here's the NFL video rulebook:

  22. I just played a round there for the first time a few weeks back. Beautiful course. Greens destroyed me.

  23. And very reasonably priced. Played there for the first time last month.

  24. Especially late season when all of the long grasses and flowers have grown, this course is stunning.

  25. I know this is going to be unpopular, but there is a reason you start to unravel if you play 18 holes. It’s the same reason baseball games are 9 innings instead of 5 or soccer games have two 45 minute halves. These games are meant to test you and golf is a test of mental as well as physical ability.

  26. I don’t disagree with you, after 18 I unravel because I am fatigued or mentally unfocused. I will say I do prefer a cart though. I am not good enough to walk as I spend most of my time looking for my ball

  27. You do you, fam. I’m not trying to judge. Took me about 5 years to really work up the gumption to approach golf as a walker who plays 18. That’s the great thing about this game. There is always another challenge to try and overcome.

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