1. Okay, just wanting it to be clear that you completely changed your position here :P

  2. i’m confused, and i think you must be as well. at no point did i “completely change” my position. i meant i can’t claim that they willingly did what they did, but i never said that they didn’t do it, which is an indisputable fact (that they did do it i mean).

  3. you must not have read my comment. i am CERTAIN that they allowed trafficking and child porn on their site. i am NOT certain that they did it intentionally. however, i am of the belief that whether they did it intentionally or not is irrelevant, because it happened anyways, and someone needs to be held responsible.

  4. bro tried to elaborately gaslight her into thinking he was 6’

  5. genuine brain rot, typical 4chan users

  6. I'm sorry you have to deal with this situation hun. My parents used meth in the past too, for many years. my Mom had been in a minor psychosis. She was worried about the people in the front yard, but no one was there. I knew it was the meth tho and I was 18. But i was still stressed and extremely saddend to see my parents like that. I can't imagine dealing with this at ur age. I would consider reaching out to someone that you know and trust, talk with them about the situation. You should not have to deal with this by urself. Good luck. And if you need someone to talk to you can DM me.

  7. another certified garrison classic

  8. i think about this all the time. The lack of public restroom facilities in big cities is mortifying, and practically ensures that the streets will smell like piss and shit. It's a problem in New York, it's a problem in LA, it's a problem here in Chicago, we need more public restroom facilities in our big cities.

  9. whether or not this qualifies as human contact is a whole other conversation

  10. ARX7 says:

    True, I am presuming that they're talking to each other as part of this not just delivering food

  11. still so much more polite and restrained than US police

  12. leave ‘em dead. jesus fucking christ. it’s as if no one saw jurassic park

  13. it’s speculated that it was cut off during the great war between godwyn and the dragons

  14. it’s speculated that it was cut off during the great war between godwyn and the dragons

  15. Right😂😂 I tell bad jokes and jokes some people don’t get. If I call it the kind of humor I’ve heard it called imma get downvoted 😂😂😂. I’ll say it, educated jokes. They’re still bad but for really smart people 🤷‍♀️ I can’t please everyone all the time but I am really talented at pissing everyone off suddenly.

  16. whichever kind will grant you self awareness

  17. you are definitely not, everyone is going to play kiriko this way

  18. no, just an unrelated picture of frank zappa

  19. you’re not an asshole, but maybe a bit of a picky lil baby.

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