One Piece: Chapter 1068

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  1. I really enjoy how carefree Kaku seems to be. Maybe not carefree, but he def has a lot of life in him right now. I really like that, he's been a favorite since he showed up in Water 7. He's a "villain" i enjoy the most in One Piece. Yeah he's up against Luffy but he seems like a nice dude most of the time

  2. Being cheerful is how giraffe hunted in ancient times.

  3. He's gonna join Queen in hunting by shooting out the giraffe neck like a giant snake

  4. Tegan and Sara were number one for me with 8,148 minutes played (I love them)

  5. One day Dad is gonna go off his rocker and maybe add FRUIT to his oatmeal. Talk about crazy hedonistic lifestyles

  6. for just a second, he thought me may have had physic powers

  7. I love Fujimoto and his love of Cats. Obviously you would kill a criminal over a cat.

  8. Oooh Pride Flag? Been Loving these Euro Photos, all them look so great!

  9. Griffin using the "...wait WHAT!?" bit he does for David and England for Mitch's time at the Simpsons is great. 10 comedy Points.

  10. the way he draws rain is just so relaxing. it's so comforting to me

  11. Susie sure is judgey thinking what Calvin has is gross when she's eating swiss cheese and ketchup

  12. its gotta be a kid thing? i cant imagine having one

  13. I love that they added Mimics to Pokemon! This boi is adorable

  14. The stretch of Black or White, Jazz Bar, Sahara, In the Frozen and then ending with Full Moon is amazing. such a great album

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