LPT: From time to time take random pics with your friends. Not only selfies but also genuinely random pics; moments, memories! Upload the photos to Google Drive. You'll probably forget those photos... but your future self, years from now, will look back at them one day and smile.

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  1. IMO People spend far to much time reminiscing.

  2. Oh I would have said it was about whalelike creatures.

  3. Many Europeans write one this way. It makes it distinct from capital i. I believe OP is Dutch.

  4. They should check out how computers do it.

  5. People should not be doing this, period.

  6. Poor Freud, rolling in his mother’s grave.

  7. A boss that can’t say “sorry for the delay” can go fuck themself.

  8. Good thing I have never and will never watch bleached out television.

  9. Makes sense. The heat from shooting 30 rounds (presumably at children because Murica) will burn through the shoelaces, making them weak enough that you can just pull the handgun off, saving you the precious 2 seconds drawing it wherein your victim might escape

  10. Precisely how these people should be questioned by the FBI.

  11. Haven’t checked in a week but probably none.

  12. We can cut noise pollution too, gearheads told us they would make cars loud enough to blow eardrums, so we heard the terrorist request, and went with them.

  13. I'd say this is true of every police department in the nation.

  14. This is also how people in CA found out that most of the LAPD are in gangs.

  15. And I can post any lies I want on social media because it’s not a platform that requires any kind of honesty. Have fun building a court case.

  16. People still think people have sex because it’s safe now.

  17. Ah yes the “give tuck a break defense”

  18. Unfortunately we live in a one party system.

  19. They could do what kids do here. Either look both ways before crossing the street or use a crossing (and still look before crossing).

  20. No, American children have a license to jaywalk anywhere there’s a schoolbus

  21. Kids cross erratically because they’re kids. They shouldn’t be executed because they haven’t mastered “look both ways before crossing” yet

  22. It should arguably be written on the bus then.

  23. The biggest issue here is that OP never actually googled to see what a broken stained glass window actually looks like, which is a shame. Cutting a chunk out is definitely not it and it kills the stained glass effect.

  24. Go play something else. God. Bitter af over content releasing for a game that you can literally go learn and make your own content for.

  25. Wait go back to the part where the water goes down the drain 🙄

  26. Am I the only person who absolutely just despises heart shaped diamonds??? Like, you’re gonna cut one and THAT’S what you do to it??? Maybe it’s just me. 🤔

  27. “Hey after these 8 years of friendship, I want you to be my best man. But what made you become friends with me when no one else at the office did?”

  28. Amazon packer here and this is totally baffling. The only thing this could be is a computer sorting error. We don't really get a say in what box goes with what order. We can (at least I do) change the box size if it's too big or too small, but we can't combine orders or anything like that. Hell, it was probably packed by 5 different people who were wondering why someone would buy 1 plate.

  29. Why sell one plate if you can’t see why someone would buy one plate?

  30. The debris of their ENEMIES. Yes, someone else pointed out the scale too and I totally agree. We have some better ideas than just sand now for basing.

  31. Rock polishing uses some seriously fine grit sand, if youre looking into options. 👍🏻😁

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