Man simulates dinner with dad for kids who don’t have one

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  1. I'm a 29F and watched this 3 times. I grew up without close affection. My father physically abandoned me the moment my mom was pregnant. And then my mother emotionally (not physically) abandoned me when I was around 6 years old.

  2. I can relate. My mom left us to get “clean” for a few years when I was about 6. When she just popped back into my life one day without warning I would have serious meltdowns and panic attacks whenever she tried to go somewhere without me. I thought she would leave me again and never come back that time.

  3. I would start with a broom… sweep away the dead stuff… I like the growth on the wall. I’d give her some water maybe with the hose if you haven’t watered recently. Pull off any dead leaves. It looks a little tired but not that bad just messy mostly

  4. Ok thank you! did all that. How much should I water her? Like 1-2x week or 1x a day?

  5. What’s the climate like? Hot and sunny would be only conditions every day. I’m guessing it’s pretty warm it might even need a little shade in the summer. Water when top like inch or two of soil is dry. It might be once a week or maybe alittle more if it’s really warm

  6. A appreciate the feedback! Thank you 🙏

  7. My shib does this too. Does yours bite their nails?

  8. This is amazing! I love it 💕

  9. Come up with something else. Less likely to hire you if you’re not planning on staying with them long term.

  10. I love your style! May I ask where you got your pillows?

  11. Ok thank you. I will do more research!

  12. Thanks. These look amazing. My two favorite things are cheese and jalapeños!

  13. Got these at the farmers market today, but forgot to ask what kind of plants these are. I need to figure out how to take care of them properly!

  14. 😂😂😂. Did she keep eating that salad?

  15. Doesn’t matter. Hope they adopt and love him whole heartedly. Looks like a sweet baby.

  16. Sick of seeing this guy. Doc antel and his boy have done horrific things.

  17. They’ll probably end up killing one of them or severely injuring them. Especially when the chimp hits sexual maturity. You shouldn’t have “exotic” pets unless they are rescues IMO.

  18. Yeah, it definitely is! I’m going to see if I can take the top parts off somehow. Some of them come off and some I can’t get to come off.

  19. No they tilt forward, but that’s it.

  20. I was in a similar situation as you at your age. My best advice is to save up your money and then try to find a housing situation that involves roommates. Or look at renting out a room from someone. If you’re surrounded by people who make you feel unwanted or uncomfortable that’s going to make you feel horrible. I’d also suggest looking into a restaurant job. I know that the food industry sucks ass, but if you were a server or even a busser/hostess (that makes tips) you could make way more than 10.25 an hour. That could really help your financial situation. I hope things get better!

  21. I’ve tried a lot of lotions. I hate the sticky feeling you’re talking about. I’ve been really liking the breathable lotion by Nivea. I have really dry skin and it moisturizes pretty well without leaving the sticky feeling.

  22. Could be a fungal infection.

  23. Have tried anti fungal creams and shampoos to no avail, unless I’ve just not been patient enough with it

  24. I had a similar thing on the inside of my palm. They gave me fungal cream, but I never used it (i forgot a lot). It went away on its own, but took about a year. If it stays around I’d def see your doctor about it!

  25. I have an orange and white kitty too and he has one freckle! Didn’t think it was a freckle though until I saw this.

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