1. i mean it sounds like you are doing great, but yeah if you want to get 100% you're going to have to put in extra work to get an intuitive understanding of the material. 2nd year maths (advanced at least) is quite a bit of a step up in that respect and if you are rote-learning without some level of intuition its very difficult.

  2. Dear channel 9, I'd be delighted to acquiesce to your requirements for filming. As this then makes me part of your production, I'm sure your accounting department would have no trouble approving payment of the attached invoice for my services. Once I have confirmation, in writing, of your acceptance of my recompense I will make the arrangements you have requested.

  3. Even if you get in (you should contact admissions for full clarification), I would imagine you will struggle with maths core units in your first year if you haven't done a reasonable level of HS maths. I'm not a Commerce student but I would imagine they take 12 units of 1st year maths like all other Faculty of Science students.

  4. Well you are mistaken. They take one units where they learn about t-tests. Commerce is far away from science except Business Analytics and some finance.

  5. To add to this correct answer, it is also possible, for some courses, to be awarded with other categories such as "With Merit".

  6. Thanks for the link. For OP's benefit - If you did a non-honours bachelor - its just pass.

  7. Eliza(伊利沙)would just be shorten from elizabeth (伊利沙伯) , afaik there’s nothing negative about 伊利沙

  8. Calm down douche. You have no idea about OP's grandpa's life story.

  9. when school/uni student chose to risk their future to stand up in 2019, but you told me a muti million dollars man who is at his 60 does not have a choice?

  10. what did Simu say? I had him pegged as a CCP supporter.

  11. lol, sounds like he innocently stated some experience his parents had and got cancelled in China because of it.

  12. I was discussing it with a colleague a few weeks ago, apparently I'm a racist and the peace loving Chinese people are not a threat to anyone.

  13. As someone of Chinese heritage, I find this an extremely dangerous cultural trend that China is already taking advantage of. Any criticism or push back they call racist. And many of my well meaning white city-dwelling countrymen and women are also being culturally influenced this way, scared of being seen as racist.

  14. It’s illegal to record without consent. Carries a maximum 2 year imprisonment penalty.

  15. I thought this was in the context of a phone call. I'm not sure this is true in a public area (which I think a lecture counts as, because technically anybody is allowed to attend, you don't have to be in a public area).

  16. Not sure if this is a troll or not but no, being a flight attendant is about as polar opposite as you can get. And no the SAS won't have any use for a flight attendant. Go for something a bit more relevant.

  17. Yeah but what if the SAS cats need a bag of nuts before take off?

  18. I've recently switched from being a night owl with study to waking up early to study. I find it so much better for my mental health to be able to relax my mind in the afternoon/evenings. When I'm done for the day I work out/watch shows/go out/enjoy some food - basically just chill and not think about study till the next morning.

  19. Do whatever you need to do OP. 12cp, 6cp or 0cp. Uni degrees will be here. Your mental health takes priority. As an older person, it really doesn't matter if you get your degree later.

  20. How so? They’re paying you and you aren’t giving any bank info away just your phone number / email address

  21. it progresses. They ask for your email/or number first, then claim they need the other piece of info for their payid. Then they send you an email and text looking like your bank needing you to confirm details to receive payment

  22. I mean I see coolant and I chase down the most obvious culprit: small leak in the radiator or hose and the coolant is travelling along to where it ultimately drips.

  23. I would recommend you enlist now at the very least in reserve infantry. Weapon skills, navigation, orders all need to be top of your game not just fitness. Almost nobody passes straight from civo street

  24. Not if you are asking adgies just how good they are. Trust me, they'll tell you.

  25. Currently in Finland and I'd return home in a heartbeat. It's a wonderful country and it does a lot of things right. But 24% GST, 3-4hrs of daylight in peak winter (in Helsinki, less up north), not seeing the sun for weeks at a all gets to you quickly. Plus I've never had to be in a situation where I NEEDED to speak Finnish. Everyone speaks pretty much flawless English. But then again, you never really feel like you truly belong here.

  26. The food in Finland is pretty bad I found, couldn't live there because of that alone.

  27. You're going in as PR/Communications... you won't even be in a forward area in Australia on exercise...

  28. ROTC stands for reserve officers training course.

  29. You need to do 20 days per financial year to be considered rendering effective service as an active reservist. This sounds easy but if you don't do a two week exercise each year and rely on tuesdays and weekends, you're looking at a lot of weekends (you know the time you usually have to get the rest of your life/family in order outside of the 50-60hr week job), so its actually challenging for most people with family, and especially children. (Remember the Christmas period is in the middle of this and there is a shutdown for almost two months in the choco world).

  30. The short answer is: don't go into the ADF. Being away for sudden and/or extended periods of time with limited communication with family and friends is the distinguishing feature of life in the military.

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