Johnny Depp's reaction to a bizarre psychologist who claims to have evaluated Johnny Depp's cognitive abilities based on his performance in Pirates movies

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  1. Your honor, can we take a five minute break to give the witness a pacifier and a light show?

  2. Someone already mentioned it but I'll reiterate and elaborate:

  3. Not to justify your actions but there is a significant difference between what she, allegedly, does to you and what you did as well as why she does what she does and why you did what you did.

  4. Even if you go into the store and the rep who checks it out says its OK, the warehouse has the final say. So if it gets to the warehouse and whoever checks it out there sees the swelling then you're not gonna get anything no matter what the store rep says.

  5. We call them Care Pro now, but yes - they put out the more complicated CS fires and handle disconnects outside of the 30 day return period.

  6. Interestinggg... a lady came into our store the other day and said that a corporate store rep was going to get her the 55+ loyalty offer. When I checked her account she did not have that offer available so I told her that I couldn't put it on. Additionally, if she didn't have that offer on the account in the first place then the store rep should not have even mentioned it because it is on a per account basis.

  7. Technically (based on observation) I believe they could, but probably wouldn’t since she was not targeted. If something happened that was Verizon’s fault, they can issue credits (not sure of the specifics here). For example, I had them fix a misappraised trade in by issuing manual credits. Unless they have been explicitly proven to be eligible for an offer based on the offer’s OST or you royally screw up some credits and it’s 100% on the company, you don’t stand much of a chance getting anything.

  8. Thats exactly what I told the lady. I know that it explicitly states in the OST that loyalty offers are not going to get added to accounts that don't already have the offer and not to proactively mention them to customers.

  9. No. It has to be activated at the address that the service is ordered at. It wont work for long, if at all, at a different address. And, that service address has to be in an available area.

  10. I've actually switched from heal to ghost a long time ago. In my experience, it has been much more helpful than heal. Granted there are a few times when heal might have saved me instead and I often get questioned or flamed for not taking heal. But for the most part I have found ghost to be better for escaping and chasing especially things like Jhin ult, MF ult, Ashe chase down etc.

  11. Is there a sim card in there? It should be extremely easy for customer care or a store rep to take the IMEI and search it for an active payment agreement. What other information do you have regarding the tablets and the new lines?

  12. I think the only luck here is that samira player is running his brain at 3000ms reaction times. Didn't windwall Varus R or Q. Other than that its a simple flash snipe.

  13. I dont know the CD of her wall but she uses it a few seconds before my arrow

  14. A lot depends on how you are planning to use the car. You probably don't want to wind up with 200k miles in 2-3 years but you still owe $10k on it. Something goes wrong, and you'd start the cycle of rolling negative equity into a new loan. It's like credit card debt, but secured by the car.

  15. I appreciate your reply. I haven't really looked into the Mazda6 much. Isn't it just a slightly bigger version of the 3? And I have been keeping an eye open for the Accords but haven't found many that aren't terribly expensive yet.

  16. The big un answered question is how long are you planning to own it? Is this going to be a car you’ll keep for 10 years? Will you want to do the routine maintenance and do any sort of repairs to keep it in top shape? Will you run it to the ground? Will you keep it only 2-3 years? What’s your game plan? You talked about taking out a loan what is the lifespan of the loan you’re interested in?

  17. Thank you for your reply. I plan on keeping the car for a long time and making sure it is well taken care of so that it lasts. And to clarify, I meant financing when I said "loan" since I am not actually taking out a personal loan or anything. In terms of the financing, I am trying to get something 60 months or less. From what I gather, anything over 60 months is a bad idea?

  18. I would recommend opening your task manager and then playing a game. When you notice a spike in game take a look at the task manager. Ive had issues with ping spikes that were caused by windows updates downloading, an antivirus scan running, or processes that were using up a large portion of my CPU/RAM/GPU.

  19. Oh no... The "My Apprentice," line at the end was too much. My feels

  20. Well. In my head this is the way I'm picturing this going...

  21. It wasn't the magic that killed you, it was the fall!

  22. Oh dang, I didn't realize you had to wear one of those specific helmets.

  23. Uh, was the bow supposed to oneshot? That seems a bit... extreme.

  24. Oh. Weird. I'm a little jelly that people got to fight him nerfed after that patch. I beat him pre-patch and I distinctly remember thinking, "Wow, one shot by an arrow? Maybe I'm not supposed to be here yet..."

  25. Are you serious about the removal of active promotions being removed? I was not told this last night when I called to change the account owner!!! I tried this because I was the account owner and have been dealing with a phone number change issue for a week. I keep getting booted out of the app and have to re-register so after the third day of this, I called in again and asked to switch account owners to see if that would help get the phone number change done.

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