1. Why on earth didn’t we short it down the minute it entered our air space? I feel pretty certain if it was our ballon and their air space they would not hesitate to take it down.

  2. If it's only noticed over land then the risk of it hurting someone or something when it lands is too high. If it was spotted sooner in a spot where it could be safely dispatched I'm sure it would have

  3. Y single women are we talking divorced women who got the house in the settlement? Because that might explain a bit

  4. As a Texan, the winter storm was not that bad, temps only slightly below freezing but the issue was the freezing rain that caused trees and trees limbs to down some lines. I am slightly embarrassed by the amount of meaning and groaning by these Austin “Texans”. Buck up a little bit, we are made of tougher stuff.

  5. Biden appoints by a check box system. If a candidate checks one, two or more boxes, they get the job. Most qualified is never on that list.

  6. Sick and tired of our enemies using our government and systems against us. I dont care what she says, she has never and will never have this countries best interests at heart.

  7. She turned into a southern preacher right there in front of everyone.

  8. Didn’t think the words thin and pan pizza could be used together….

  9. And he is correct. The grid did fine but the amount of ice that formed caused the outages. But people gotta bitch and point fingers somewhere.

  10. Tree trimming is a responsibility of the electricity providers. One they often neglect, even though they are paid to do it and provided the legal shields to get it done. This is just one more aspect of Texas government not holding energy corporations responsible.

  11. We’ve had one! Please stop freaking out over little to nothing.

  12. As a truck owner, what am I gonna be able to haul or pull in that? Own 3 trailers I use for work and that little toy car can’t pull any of them.

  13. I agree with you and I would argue Texas is NOT prepared, because I'm in Austin and myself and tons of my neighbors are without power right now. We've been without power since 4:30AM.

  14. The grid has not failed you dude, ice accumulation is why you don’t have power. Now take a breath and relax.

  15. well the little cold front with a bit of rain just knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of people in major cities …it’s embarrassing

  16. I am alright with this. You don’t go join a gym then share that membership with other people.

  17. Should have got chili fixings but for some insane reasons bought chicken fajitas. Just got done grilling and it wasn’t that bad.

  18. You can make some sort of white bean and chicken type soup with that.

  19. What a great idea! Did that very same thing with some leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Thanks!

  20. The National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg is outstanding. The Admiral Nimitz State Historic Site is next door. Admiral Nimitz was from Fredericksburg. The historic site was his uncle's (maybe cousin's) hotel that Nimitz lived and worked before going to Annapolis.

  21. It’s barely dipped below freezing! Less severe is an understatement.

  22. They got what they asked for, black cops policing black neighborhoods. It can’t be all the cops fault, so maybe point that condescending finger at the people being policed.

  23. Everytime the temp dips below freezing the state loses its mind and over blows the situation. It’s a little cold, put on a jacket and stfu

  24. Headphones so her pesky labor pain noises don’t disturb you!

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