1. If any one's interested, i made an eajpark subreddit. it's still currently on private, but let me know if you wanna join so i can add you and u can maybe check it out (like all the banners and rules and stuff) im fairly new to making and moderating a subreddit so any criticisms is welcome!! thanks!!

  2. Aw, the lyrics are sweet and sad at the same time. I know he doesn't usually write about himself but this seems to be another personal song. Really liking the sound too. Hope he adds it to the album.

  3. Better Better, it's heavy and wholesome at the same time. Sounds like a parent doting on their child.

  4. My top favorites: Love Me or Leave Me and Time of Our Life (I’ll never get over these songs ahh)

  5. Love Me or Leave Me, an iconic B-side

  6. I can never get over the transition from young k to wonpil at the bridge

  7. Bless you for the links, thanks 😭

  8. "We're gonna do this 1 time!" he says over and over again lmao, my heart 😭

  9. Is there an infinite version of this? Where I can keep playing over and over?

  10. Asking the important questions here...

  11. This is really something lol. I didn't think it was a big deal when I first saw it on twitter until I came across the 2nd pic realizing just how far they had to zoom in to find him.

  12. I am just so impressed with Day6's & Jae's solo endeavours this past year. All of them delivered so well in their distinct styles. Even the collabs were great. I usually don't buy albums/songs, but I bought all 4 of their solo releases just because of how much I find myself enjoying their personal styles. Today, seeing their album cover art side by side just makes me so satisfied to have discovered this band and their members. Sungjin's Afraid demo leaves me no doubt that his style will be phenomenal as well (if he wants to do a solo) And as always, patiently looking forward to the next Day6 release as well. I know it'll be worth the wait.

  13. but aren’t you proving my point, in a way? you trust jae isn’t buddies with twomad, even in a casual internet way. others don’t. others see their interactions online and they don’t look like two people who are speaking for the first time. but — whatever. you can explain away anything i link to that seems like a black-and-white issue. but those aren’t his problem, in my eyes. that’s why i said this isn’t actually about “the sugar daddy thing, the kids bop thing, the jamie thing”. there is nuance to the way he speaks and his fake tone, the way he rolls his eyes, the way interacts with women, the people he associates with, his seemingly infinite wisdom, his brand of sarcasm — everything — that makes people uneasy. they don’t trust him. not everything is something that can be apologised for and moved on from, something to use as a tool to learn and grown from. for example, think about the way jamie publicly turned on jae in a hot second when he found out what he said about her, as if that was the 1000th time she’d be done by him and she was fed up. that’s nuance. and there’s too much uncomfortable nuance to how jae acts to the extent people don’t trust him. that is my point. (how he may rectify that is a totally different convo.)

  14. I'm saying the opposite, I don't assume any more or less of their relationship based on the twitter interaction. Not only are you assuming more here, but you (or at least people supporting this narrative) are also taking it a step further to say that jae hates BTS, and more horrible: supports racism. Those are very damaging and (in the case of racism) dangerous conclusions to arrive at based on a single twitter interaction.

  15. this isn’t about me and how i assume jae feels about mY bTs OpPaS

  16. lol, all I'm saying is that misinformation is not good, and sometimes dangerous. If you don't accept or believe his apologies for the stuff he has done wrong that's okay! If you don't like his attitude or personality, that's okay too. Hope that clears it up, I only responded cause you seem genuine so wanted to clear up some things taken out of context. Not trying to convince you that he's perfect or completely innocent.

  17. that's right, we are ____! and we and you and okay the this is and i like the misses Annie Mae mystic in a this this... okay? You like it?

  18. I like drum. I love drum. Yes. I'm drum.

  19. The teaser was done so well, intrigued to see where it goes

  20. Can somebody who's good at editing make a parallel video between this and how he is on stream lol. He may have changed but a lot has stayed the same.

  21. This was such a beautiful trip down memory lane :')

  22. Deeep deeep deeeeeeep in LO-ove

  23. cucumbers taste like literal water so i'm confused as to how someone could ever have a strong distaste for them

  24. I'm not 100% sure of this but I think theres a gene that makes cucumbers taste different for some people. I hated cucumbers growing up but now I'm used to the bitter taste. Still can't stand cilantro though, but don't know if the gene causing that is related.

  25. I think this tweet sums up everything pretty well on my position:

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