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  1. man you guys are mind readers. was just ab to post and ask if anything was going on with DQ. secondly,

  2. you fucked around and made them too desirable lol I want

  3. slowpoke is my favorite and you did a great job. wish these were real regional variants.

  4. Not to nitpick, but this image doesn't match the title. Try an image of a Koopa Troopa instead of Mark Koopa from the HR department.

  5. sorry m8, was too excited to share got them mixed up

  6. havent played fortnite in some time but i still like it. this comment makes me want to get back on for some games lol ggs

  7. bro probably fapped to that scroll a hundred times

  8. damn I don't watch toooo many clips but your sens seems higher than most lol and you can control it nicely too. ggs

  9. Thanks! I'm actually using M&K instead of controller which is why I can make those flick moves

  10. I thought so! lol would be too ballsy to post a hacked clip lmaooo.

  11. this would probably happen with most purple drinks that use red40 and blue1. it's more than likely has a higher blue1 weight and when water is added the red becomes hardly visible. at least that's what happens when I make tanks of Kool aid grape at work.

  12. ceramic warrior buff - damage taken +50%, damage dealt +100%

  13. what mask is that?? sorry haven't been playing too long hahah I want one

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