1. which do you prefer between the two?

  2. Why so many MiniITX cases priced over $100 but I see ATX cases all the time for $50?

  3. smaller manufacturing level and the quality of these cases is much better. this is cnc'd aluminum compared to steel

  4. Would you recommend a different material of plate for me ? Because i got the satisfaction as well and the brass plate just doesn’t cut it for me

  5. i personally haven’t tried any others yet, so not sure. if you want a softer typing experience i would assume pom, polypropylene, and any half plate would be better than the brass plate

  6. where did you purchase your pom plate?

  7. Outdated? the Sat75 is still my endgame keyboard, since as far as I know there has not been a 75 percent with both a knob and OLED like the satisfaction, and sound and feel still hold up. Congrats on building such a nice keyboard.

  8. as a sat75 owner, the sound and feel definitely do not hold up. I do agree with the knob and oled being one of a kind though

  9. i would check the used market, you can get a good deal. i’d recommend

  10. i would say the hd 6xx. it’s similar to the hd 600 and is “better” than the 660s and 560s while being between the price of both. if you want the best of all then yeah the 800s is a good choice but i’d say to try out these first

  11. i have the 6xx and it works fine with the apple dongle, maybe a tad quiet if anything. if you want something small that gets the job done + lots of neat features i’d say the qudelix 5k

  12. The no.1 rev.2 extras sale was a raffle. It ran last November

  13. ah, last november. i was thinking it was the summer sale.

  14. I don't think keycult does fcfs sale as far as I know

  15. yeah they typically don't. the summer sale however was fcfs since they had a lot of extras stacked up.

  16. why buy so many budget boards and not just get one really nice board?

  17. for me the power button fit but when I tried the m19 to g1/4 fitting it was too tight. I’ve seen some other people with this issue too, just unlucky I guess

  18. how do you like the kei? currently considering picking one up

  19. the typing experience is a little stiff, but otherwise it’s fine. I’m a big fan of the look of the board.

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