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  1. I quit a film set once. Bunch of abusive dickheads that thought just because we were signed on for a two-week shoot they could treat us like peasants. They were also making a movie about bullying while simultaneously bullying some of the people on set. The best part was realizing in my mind that I was definitely going to do it at the end of the day. Realizing this brought that very smile to my face. I felt like the guy on Office Space when he guts the fish on his desk. For the rest of the damn day nothing bothered me. Life became a hilarious joke. You feel invulnerable. You can just say whatever you want and people are too scared to mess with you because they can't figure out why you are so good damn happy. It's better than cocaine.

  2. That's one of my favorite parts about film work. Whenever I'm unsure about a job, I say, "give them one day." If it sucks or if the people suck, I let them know I'm not coming back the next day and why (respectfully). It makes it so I never feel obligated to any employer the way people with a 9-to-5 seem to feel every day. There's always the next gig.

  3. If he did that all game instead of for a few minutes each quarter, he'd be All-NBA. He'd be in the conversation with Embiid and Jokic. He has the talent, just not the will of those guys.

  4. Exactly; I once had an employee who wanted me to reprimand his coworker who also reported to me for coming late from lunch a few minutes every day. I struggled to come up with a professional way to tell him I couldn’t care less. why would I hassle someone for something so trivial that doesn’t impact our business in anyway

  5. That's why most middle-management are these insecure, sniveling weasels. Being petty over minutes in the name of a corporation is the only way they can exercise any power in their lives.

  6. This was a classic conflict of interest game if I ever saw one. Had Pollard going, opponent had Rodgers (his qb1 burrow was on bye - lol at rodgers being a bye stopgap) AND GB D/ST…and I’m a huge packers fan. Was at a buddy’s house for the game and doing my best not to audibly cheer for Cowboys points (esp when Pollard found the end zone)

  7. That's exactly it. For most of us, it doesn't even delete the whole loan, just turns it into something manageable. I'd go from $38k to $18k, something I could probably do in a decade or so. Otherwise, I was going to take that loan to my grave. I can't afford kids anyways, so hopefully nobody else has to pay for it.

  8. Then the Rs will delete the border to end the emergency and now we have The United Estados of Mexerica. Problem solved.

  9. Truth. Until you have experienced it, there’s zero way of explaining it. Watching my Father go changed me on some massive level and still two years later I’m trying to sort it out. He was my best friend in the world, losing him has done something to me that I just can’t sort out yet.

  10. I’m so sorry and thanks for writing that. I lost my dad in March and I miss him so much. He was my favorite person and each day is hard without him.

  11. Suffrage at first period or first pregnancy, whichever happens first

  12. But only women. Boys don't get to vote til they're like 25.

  13. Have to agree here. I used to think they were both being stupid, but really, Chandler knows how Monica is in regards to cleanliness and should have known that she wouldn’t settle for a gross room.

  14. But if that's her reasoning, then they should go to a different hotel entirely. Otherwise, just ask the staff to get you new glasses and move on with your weekend.

  15. Exactly what i said when playing my first game on my ps5. Which is nba 2k23. I told my buddy it felt and sounded like a bug was scratching trying to get out of my controller from behind the triggers. I instantly closed app and turned the adaptive controller setting off in the ps settings menu and then also did so to the nba 2k23 in game controller settings. Im guessing some games have it and some done but ill be honest i read someones comment in here and they said it felt like the controller was making that sound because it wasnt strong enough to push back on your fingers causing that sound and i agree because i hold L2 almost 100 percent of the time while playing 2k and there is no reason it should be pushing back on me when holding L2 because there is no stamina meter for how long u can hold L2. But then again i feel its like it knows its not supposed to be pushing back but its broken so its telling it to and not to at the same time causiing it to make that crazy cringe sound lbs.

  16. Just came here to say I noticed this today on 2K23 as well. I wonder if it's always been like that and I never noticed it. I just bought a new controller so I thought I got a defective one but I switched to and older controller and got the same clicks and hums. Wonder if it was a recent console update that broke this on accident. Like they were trying to make the haptics stronger but went too far and now the motors click. Anyway, hope it gets fixed or I stop noticing it again.

  17. She was right person, wrong time. Ross and Rachel needed to happen after they both admitted their feelings. They'd hate themselves for not trying. If Chandler never tells Rachel about Ross' feelings, I think Julie is with Ross for a while.

  18. You're not paycheck to paycheck if you have things to sell that are worth at least one paycheck. Those are called assets and people actually living paycheck to paycheck don't have any.

  19. Same. I could probably do it, but don't want to risk making a mistake and ruining my baby. The extra cost was worth the peace of mind. I opened mine for a second to check what fan I had and that was nerve-racking enough.

  20. Not to mention that plebian has a black liner in his case. How gauche.

  21. Mate she wasn’t faking with billy. They actually had sex in that scene. There’s an uncut longer version and you can see and hear it. You don’t get full dick but there are times where you see portions of his dick

  22. You’re so cute. You think the sound in movies is real. Like 80% of non dialogue sound is added in editing.

  23. People are crazy. They think if there's a "worker shortage" in anything then it's somehow the worker's fault. People will do just about anything for FAIR compensation. It's really that simple and it's an easy fix to make sure funds are properly allocated.

  24. These are the same people that insist that "The Market" will always correct itself. This is that correction. The working class doesn't make nearly enough money in a world where money is needed to survive.

  25. Maybe it was Wiki style and anybody could edit it.

  26. Been here for 1.5 years. 2 washing machines replaced, 2 coffee makers, and we haven’t had hot water for the past 4 days. We’re hitting our limits.

  27. What a great example of "rent is wage theft". You shouldn't be begging for a better place to live, you should be able to spend your own money on the house you can affordably own. Instead your money is taken by someone who is not doing their "job" of being a landlord.

  28. Do Europeans not know they can add 6 inch gaps to each side so you can see inside those stalls? And you can raise the bottom a good 2 feet and see people's feet and pants pulled down.

  29. That door is too sturdy. Every hinge and lock needs to jangle enough that you're not sure if the door will fall off if you fart too loud.

  30. I’m sure the exposer this company gets is worth more than a pc.

  31. *Exposure. An exposer gets arrested for indecency.

  32. Anything installed to sysnand will flag. Even if it was previous owner or you, literally anything can make your system "dirty" and Nintendo has a nice track record of finding anything and everything. That's why there's like 5 different compound Nintendo server blocking guides. The guides intend for you to never use sysnand for anything but official stuff but alot of people don't understand the differences when modding.

  33. I didn't when I first installed a CFW and it took a while for me to make the mistake that got me banned. The next day I learned about the difference between emuNAND and sysNAND. To be fair, those early tutorials did not do a good job of explaining the difference. That should be the first lesson.

  34. The only good tutorial is the .hacks guide on this subreddit. It's only flaw is it doesnt actually tell you the purpose and uses of emunand, just has you set it up with no explanation

  35. Yep, that's how a lot of them are. I think I set one up, then installed the CFW to the sysNAND on accident, and then later deleted the emuNAND because I didn't know what it was for. Pirates are not very good teachers, lol.

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