1. Just another comment to say that for a AAA, flagship title, the way that these engine swaps are tied to what appear to be in many (most?) cases a single car is unforgivable.

  2. This is super cool. Incredible workmanship, great detailing, just super intriguing all around. For old farts like me that don't have Instagram and don't intend to make an account, do you have a website of your work?

  3. These are real cool. Hopefully the owner kept the set of round butt combat grips that came with the gun. Those are worth $200+ just on their own. Though of course, well done, real stag grips are also pretty nifty.

  4. Typically a fan of clip point and drop point knives. Slicey grinds are always a plus!

  5. The OP / Covert Tactical might contractually get into hot water if he says, "I have the mini bugout and am selling it for less than a minimum advertised price I am bound to by contract." As for the rest of you being cagey, stop: HE can't say, but the rest of us certainly can.

  6. Off to a great start! Bad news: the road you're on only gets more expensive from here.

  7. Think of the speed at which you pull the trigger as directly rated to your accuracy. If you're yanking the thing, you're yanking the gun (and therefore missing). Everything CZPCR9 says is absolutely true, especially with regards to pulling the trigger straight through. The only thing I'd add to all of that, conceptually, is that DA shooting is a balancing act between speed of trigger manipulation and the level of accuracy you can live with on target. As a betting man, my guess is that you're going too fast.

  8. I'm a fan. I bought two. One was a brass version with a black-coated blade. Very favorable impressions; just a little heavy for EDC. After that, I ordered the lighter-weight version. I really like the pokey blade shape; personally, I'm surprised it doesn't get mentioned as much as the Ortis or Badlands Vagabond (even the Elementum), as it's a solid design with Civivi's usual build quality.

  9. Man, it seems like they can't give those trailblazers away. Seems like they've been discontinued and on sale for the better part of two years.

  10. Iver Johnson revolvers are neat and a cool piece of Americana. However, they weren't known for being particularly well-built nor particularly valuable. The old joke was that they chose the Owl as a mascot for the brand because if the gun happened to stop working or if it fell into a river, you wouldn't give a hoot.

  11. Man, I literally just bought this two days ago without the discount code. Could have gained a discount equivalent to the price of a good burrito!

  12. Not from America so I don’t know for sure, but couldn’t you just return and totally refund it and just buy again?

  13. Theoretically. Were the discount more substantial, and had the order not already shipped yesterday, I might be inclined. As it stands, I'd hand someone ten bucks if it meant I didn't have to drive to the post office and could instead spend that 45 minutes doing whatever I wanted.

  14. Depends on your needs. If you want a knife that's smaller and more "do everything" based, go with the R2D2. If you want a slightly larger knife that has more self-defense utility, get the Tac-XR.

  15. I would be willing to guess that if you have the money to buy an MR73 and are not concerned about the possibility of permanent modification, you probably aren't concerned about resale value too much. I won't have a conniption fit and downvote you; it's your gun and you can paint it bright pink if you wanted to.

  16. Always amazing when a guy being paid a starvation wage to man the register feels that it's his personal mission to hold the line at a store and defend its honor.

  17. Haven't bought anything kershaw besides the leek in awhile. Thanks!! Anyone have any experience with these?

  18. Fantastic knife. Remarkably sharp, assisted open is pretty well tuned without being obnoxious, edge retention has been very good. The knife sits much flatter in the pocket than one might assume from the product shots. An unexpected surprise! It's a mainstay in my EDC rotation.

  19. Bought one of their Strider clones. Handle material was horrible, balance is all off, action was crappy... everything just felt cheap. Eafengrow has also been called to task in years past for claiming their steel was D2, only for others to perform independent tests and realize, "oh, wait: it isn't."

  20. Great combos all around. 4" is a handy barrel length, and the Herrett's are always a correct choice.

  21. Others are not wrong in the sense that your two best self-protection options are a high level of situational awareness and the ability to haul ass away from a potential threat. However, I'm of the mind that if I'm going to be in utterly deep shit and fighting for my life, having a knife is better than not having one.

  22. For the price, I'd give it a whirl. A lot of people suggesting a Ruger SP101 in .327 aren't wrong, but they're assuming this specialty revolver is all over the place and available at low prices. It is decidedly not. For $300, you can at least discover the fun of the rest of the .32 caliber family.

  23. The Kizer "Original" has an absolutely perfect button lock. Really well designed, good balance between size and performance, excellent build quality. Definitely one of my recent favorites.

  24. Lots of reviews reporting extremely weak slip joint lockup.

  25. I believe it, but it's also likely a "feature, not a bug" kind of thing. I have a Civivi Lumi (which I frankly hate) because the bic lighter style flipper is just too goddamn stiff to work. With the stylum, they might have solved the stiff engagement issue, but in doing so created a new problem of making dis engagement too weak.

  26. It's a pipe dream. Hunt gunbroker for a Merwin & Hulbert,

  27. Its pretty much a myth that revolvers don't jam. They do. Dirty cylinders, not enough of a b/c gap, crimp jumps, etc. A well maintained revolver is probably less likely to jam than a semi, but if they do jam it is almost always catastrophic. You are right in that misfires tend not be be an issue bc you just pull the trigger again. I carry a revolvers with 38+p so I'm not poo pooing them, but I've seen them lock up on people at the range, especially if they shoot a ton of dirty 38 ammo and dont clean the cylinders.

  28. Good points, all. There's also the old tale of the revolver that has a bunch of grease in the action, then got put in a sock drawer for twenty years, and now all of that grease has picked up dust and fuzz and is just a congealed, goopy mess. But the owner figures that because revolvers "can't jam," they're entrusting that thing to function when they need it to.

  29. Some gems in the catalog, along with a whole bunch of mediocre 8Cr also-rans.

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