1. It’s not showing up for me either ..I was looking for it to record on my dvr and it’s not there ..and there’s another show on TLC I wanted to record and it wasn’t there either

  2. Shows (especially cable shows) don’t last forever ..13 is a good number to end AHS and I don’t really see it getting renewed after that

  3. It seems like big daddy only attacks people with aids..the lesbians probably didn’t have it

  4. Tiffany and the twins are better ….the other storyline should be dropped it’s so boring

  5. Earlier in that episode they referenced the baby tentacles from Death Valley too

  6. Whaaat where? Do you have the time it happened? If not it's okay I may just rewatch it anyway

  7. About 20 mins in when Billy Lourd‘s character was at the doctor with Adam ..she said she dreamt about giving birth to something with tentacles

  8. Ghosts can’t leave evil locations like murderhouse or hotel …we don’t know much about big daddy yet..in AHStories we gotten a different type of ghost that can get summoned by the doorbell camera

  9. I agree the sex this season is tamed compared to hotel..this season it’s mostly off screen so far….and I’m usually the first to complain about sex scenes

  10. It’s in the cemetery ..the house keeps the ghost trapped there wether they have there bodies there or not …only way for a ghost to be freed is by magic

  11. She specifically asked Maddison (a witch) to move the bones..otherwise Constance would have asked the physic lady to move the bones to get rid of her

  12. It might be about the second antichrist vs the witches vs the aliens from Death Valley…and they will probably incorporate all the seasons together for the final season

  13. These ads has been glitching.. first they appeared as ads before the theme was revealed and now this

  14. Episode 4 is on my TV guide ..it’s playing Monday at 1:35AM eastern

  15. For me living in nyc the most scary things are high crime rates and flying cockroaches

  16. The funny part is that’s the 1999 nyc song from Annie where Kathy Bates plays miss hannigan

  17. Can you post a screen shot of the entire webpage with the ad?

  18. Roanoke had over 40 different teasers from July- September of that year

  19. The present animals like the trex is different then there originals in the prolog because they had to fill in gaps in the genes when cloning them

  20. If they start with a double episode October 19th (Wednesday) and skip thanksgiving week ..the finale could be December 21st

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