To all people who think America is fucked, what one thing would you change to try and fix things?

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School's out forever: Arizona moves "to kill public education" with new universal voucher law — Families who bail on public school will get $7,000 per kid in GOP's new scheme: "Every red state" urged to follow

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  1. "this is a high risk venture. It is likely to fail. All the more reason to try it."

  2. People on the Pokémon Go subs have this idea that you should be getting 100% IV shiny shadow Mewtwos in the wild while chilling at home.

  3. Well yeah it's the mentality of "it's rare, I want it for less work than is reasonably required to get it"

  4. I see elderly couples with a disabled child/adult that is in their 30s and I know that regardless of their increasing limitations, they will always be responsible in some manner for caring for the disabled child/adult.

  5. Not only that, but you must also plan their care for after you pass.

  6. You'd be surprised what businesses get away with as far as not upgrading equipment. They only upgrade whe shit hits the fan.

  7. "We don't need another IT worker. 2 people for a warehouse of 3000 people and 2500 devices is perfectly fine!"

  8. The people doing this don't think you're born that way, they think it's a choice in the same manner that I choose to eat a burger instead of a pizza.

  9. Yet you ask them when they decided to be straight and they'll proudly claim they were always this way.

  10. Just imagine this.. If you, as a woman have an ectopic pregnancy than:

  11. I'm surprised you can't figure out which device claimed it for tracking purposes, and get ALL the GPS data from that phone. Like where they live and work.

  12. “Oh the state’s giving people $7,000 for tuition? Tuition is now $17,000.” -Religious schools, probably

  13. Oh my god the flashbacks. This was our router in the college dorm room too , the exact same model. Had to replace it because the wifi kept crashing/rebooting during heated gaming sessions, I still have it and use it only as a dumb switch.

  14. I had mine as a backyard wifi hotspot for a while. Then for some reason it only felt like giving 2mbps speeds.

  15. Don't take work home. Stay late and complete it at work.

  16. Ummm correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't you create a copy that's a 0/0? The sorcery says to put the +1/+1 counters on the first token, not the copy...

  17. WAIT, I just double checked the rules for that. Because [[Adrix and Nev]] is a replacement effect, like [[Parallel Lives]], it replaces “Create A 0/0 green and blue Fractal” with “Create TWO 0/0 green and blue Fractals”. Then the rest of the card plays out and you’d put counters in both of the tokens, since anything referring to the original token now refers to both tokens.

  18. Silas renn and Rebec is a really really fun deck. Esper artifacts too!

  19. But it still is. The government is always willing to overlook a lot of things for the right price.

  20. Booster packs are curated, randomized outcomes. Opening packs is almost always a losing game if you try to make a churning system out of it.

  21. If you put a sign on your lawn saying NO TRESPASSING POLICE WILL BE CALLED, you might reduce knocking. A follow up sign 5 feet before your door saying "If you can read this, you are trespassing and I will have you arrested", that might go even further.

  22. Any decent stuff goes into a box I let my students pick through. Every game they play allows them to take one card. If they win they take 2.

  23. Eventually you get to a point where if you KNOW your holdings will go up steadily, you can more easily budget your life and still spend along the way.

  24. Amazing wings. It's like any pub for lunch and dinner.

  25. It’s okay, I’m a tech person I know the dangers. I plugged it into my testing laptop and it doesn’t seem malicious. All it had on it was a rickroll video, an autorun to play the video that was poorly set up, and a txt file that says to find the person on instagram. Kinda confused but that’s it.

  26. You know that most malware does not announce itself these days, right?

  27. You do not need a car. As a freshman you might not be allowed to even have one.

  28. I wonder what living on top of an old, now buried by dirt, landfill will do to you. There was a landfill in the outskirts of my home town. Over the last 30 years, the town grew, they built a garden home neighborhood over the old dump. Can’t believe anyone would want to live there.

  29. I'd say water quality would be the biggest concern.

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