1. what exact model is the psu do you know? evga has sold a unit from just about every OEM there is..

  2. what region (us,eu,uk,de,etc) are you in and what kind of budget? do you have a preferred retailer to shop from?

  3. create your own guild, find 10 people to join it to unlock the bank and use the guild bank for some stuff.

  4. Sadly I don't have a single friend who actually likes mmos, I am forced to play solo. Finding people to trust would be really difficult I feel.

  5. As guild owner you control who has access to the guild bank so just set it for only you and no worries.

  6. Power supply. the transient loads a 3xxx series subjects a psu to are obscene and that psu is a junk tier unit meant for terminals not gaming rigs.

  7. Is it over clocked? Those kinds of artifacts are often memory going bad but you can try downclocking core and /or memory and maybe get it stable. If all else fails you can try to reflow the solder via "the oven trick".

  8. The card has never been overclocked and I've had it for almost 3 years. Is it worth trying to lower the voltage in BIOS?

  9. Try MSI afterburner, underclock mem first then mem and core and it may also let you control voltage (not sure about rtx 2xxx series)

  10. What is the exact make/model number on the PSU?

  11. Chaya are European but I see they’re assembled in China. They’re solid skates.

  12. SG boardwalks are American made and usually under $200.

  13. Apparently the boots are "imported" and from "Asia", Ive reached out to a distributor for clarification. If I get it Ill update here. ngl tho, if they bill these as american made and only whisper imported and it turns out the boot is chinese Im not gonna have a very good impression.. also,have you seen their twitter? what is that latest tweet? lol?

  14. Search 6900XT and coil whine.. most likely its the GPU especially if it comes and goes which indicates its occuring while load is fluctuating

  15. coolermaster "MWE" power supplies are chinese crap. Ive see multiple people with these units with this problem.

  16. If youre playing this you shouldnt have any problems throwing money away.

  17. Asus Thor Platinum 850w and BIOS ver is E7C56AMS.150

  18. CPU? What ram? Are you using XMP ram setting or default?

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