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  1. Whole bunch of Mericans are going to be mad about this video

  2. Dude is such a baby. If he knew how to be a pro maybe the team wouldn’t have been looking for an upgrade in the first place. Or you know what, if he had actually been able to play well consistently then even more reason for them not to look for an upgrade.

  3. Are we sure it was the imagination that had cooking privileges revoked? The food looking like it just came out of a trash can would’ve been my bet.

  4. Yo is this 512? We're you near the guy who got his teeth knocked out?

  5. Happened one section over from me. I did not catch it happening live though, only saw the video.

  6. Yeah I saw it circulating on twitter

  7. That’s crazy, I thought the stadium looked way fuller than this.

  8. The least full I’ve seen it so far this season

  9. This is why I hate pictures and text and 30s clips. It's missing so much relevant information. The context of how you got to where you are is often far more important than how things ended up. I don't see many of these threads (actually any) linking to a full video or VOD or stream. It's always minimal information :(.

  10. Damn dude, do you make YouTube videos or anything? I feel like I could be a lot better watching you play

  11. I have been genuinely surprised by how many people still think they select a corruption card.

  12. The universe feels in balance now we're last again. The last couple years haven't felt real, if that makes sense.

  13. Yes, like some sort of fever dream we are all finally waking up from.

  14. If it’s a panoramic picture, one side is taken before the other

  15. Earth is secretly a Death Star

  16. That’s going to be a no from me dawg

  17. I’m playing through the game for a third time right now and still make sure to pet every fox.

  18. Had a Batchelor party at Put-in-bay. To cap it off we went to the game. There was 6 of us. 2 browns fan , 1 loins, 1 cincy fan and the other 2 didn't have a team. The loin fan was just blown away of how load the place. The cincy guy was blown away by how many people showed up and that we didn't sit down the whole game. The other two, we'll I believe we have two new fans.

  19. Hell yeah, Cleveland is such an underrated city. Getting to experience a Browns game takes it to another level.

  20. Awesome photo! I am flying to Cleveland in a few days so I can attend Sunday's game. It'll be my first home game in over 30 years! I am super excited. GO BROWNS!

  21. Go Browns! Maybe I’ll see you there!

  22. “I don’t have to listen to you, we aren’t dating anymore.”

  23. Both Ant-man movies are super underrated in my opinion.

  24. Lessening the intelligence in the room

  25. Seems like the type of person who likes to be different for the sake of being different.

  26. Seriously I've lost all hope for humanity over that past 18 months. If you dont want the vaccines, that's fine. But you better not run to the hospital when you get sick.

  27. People are getting sick even after getting vaccinated. What is the point in being forced to get a vaccine that doesnt even work? They are doing that just to turn us agaisnt each other.

  28. The vaccine is not a cure buddy. It lowers the risk of contracting the virus and the severity of your symptoms when you have the virus. So if you are not as severely effected by the virus and don’t need to take up a hospital bed that’s a win. If the virus also has a harder time spreading to or from a vaccinated person, the number of cases drops and lowers the likelihood of variants. Which I would also consider a win. Not getting the vaccine literally only protects your fragile ego which is a loss for everyone.

  29. Exactly this! If you don’t trust medical professionals enough to get the vaccine then keep that same energy when you get sick. Nobody has time for your made up perception of persecution.

  30. Maybe it's cause I was a kid but there is something so magical about those 90s designs.

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