1. What is GT:NH? I’ve seen what I assume is the acronym used in a few posts on this sub, but I haven’t seen anybody type out the full name 😅

  2. my butch friends and i love joking (honestly it's serious atp) that jonah from superstore is butch for a number of reasons but especially comments from coworkers about his masculinity and relationship 😅

  3. hey!! transmasc (ig, we don't have those exact labels where I'm from but i believe they do apply to me!) butch here :) i think it's totally normal to question these things, I've definitely been there as well and, while i do consider top surgery for myself in the future, I'm pretty confident in my identity as a lesbian. I honestly don't have much useful advice except telling you you're not alone and that many of us go through the same thing.

  4. I've actually been able to convince my gay friends way easier, all of my friends irl are either lesbian or bi and they all believe it

  5. The lavender menace, my favorite podcast ever!! They talk a lot about gaylor but also general lesbian issues and books/movies/media in general

  6. they're a huge gaylor actually, even has a podcast where they (sunny and renaissance, the hosts) talk about gaylor and taylor A LOT, the name's The Lavender Menace, really recommend!

  7. Was Karlie ever officially a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Or just walk in some of the shows?

  8. she was officially a vs angel, i think from 2013 to 2015

  9. Could I kindly have proof?

  10. the way I'm sure if we didn't have that shot, hetlors would say it's joe behind the camera as always

  11. It’s almost like she doesn’t want Joe connected with all this wedding imagery in any way, shape, or form

  12. the fact that she specified how they were doing a fitting for the video probably so Those People don't start screaming wedding and marriage and joe left and right

  13. I know this has been said a billion times, but why is he wearing jeans??? I don't get it at all 😭

  14. "dark jeans and your nikes", the only reason i can think of, it's so staged

  15. what does it say? the link doesn't work for me

  16. that's just a joke 😅, she's saying UK fans

  17. Lmao I know that’s the point of the joke. It’s her latest video and what’s referenced on that tumblr though that’s why I put it.

  18. my bad 😭😭, i didn't make the connection, in my defense I was scrolling in class

  19. people hate on the man so much that we barely discuss how absolutely fruity it is

  20. war and peace by tolstoy!! also natasha, pierre & the great comet of 1812, i feel like that song represents their relationship really well

  21. “Rare as the glimmer of a comet in the sky!”

  22. EXACTLY!!! it just describes natasha's affair with anatole and the contrast of that with her relationship with Pierre so well, it makes me feel a lot of things as a great comet stan

  23. I don’t know..I’m a woman of colour and I think it’s weird for me to expect a rich white lady to begin speaking about issues she has no idea about. I’d be more pissed if I opened Instagram tomorrow to Taylor trying to comment on issues she is completely uneducated about, and spreading falsehoods to the millions of people who will see her post. I want people from my community, people who know my experiences, to speak for me..not Taylor Swift.

  24. i agree with this so hard, I'm also not american so maybe that affects things, but I'd rather she kept quiet than start speaking nonsense honestly. and maybe it's because I'm a socialist and don't tend to see rich famous (white) people as good spreaders of political awareness, much to the contrary... but yeah, her being lowkey doesn't bother me that much. of course seeing her talk about lgbt rights etc means something to me as a lesbian, but it's more about identifying with her in the sense that we're both very queer than anything else

  25. the lavender menace podcast is my favorite ever and they talk about taylor and gaylor a lot! it's hosted by two nonbinary lesbian gaylors and i couldn't recommend more! it's not just focused on gaylor tho, it's a recurring theme. there's also a lot of discussion on general lesbian issues and media, it's really awesome and funny

  26. same, ig taylor's tastes and mine are aligned because she's just so gorgeous to me it's insane

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