1. I don't think it was a handshake attempt. it is something like a soldier-saying-yes-sir-with-hand-on-forehand thing.

  2. I'm not going to get reprimanded or anything like that. Nobody is going to be happy about the email, but the org I work for does complicated projects and these kind of things happen.

  3. You are a mod on the internet. But what are you in real life you d/

  4. Bro really started comparing messi and ronaldo to benzema💀

  5. This post had me dying. Like alright we all love Benz and he’s been amazing. But this type of silly comparison is just gonna attract hate to Benz and diminish the narrative around how amazing he is in reality

  6. if we can agree that the greatest players are those who do the hardest things no one else can. If we agree that scoring a goal is the hardest thing to do in football.

  7. No, mbappe near post is his signature move he even scored one against neuer he tricks a lot of keepers and courtois nearly saved it.

  8. I thought Courti was making fantastic saves but giving away bad near post goals. Heard Desaillyon BT Sports say the same thing after the PSG game. I guess I should trust doubleABC instead of one of the absolute greatest centre-backs of all time.

  9. I can separate them pretty well. Amber came in second but Monica Bellucci is nearly impossible to beat.

  10. So who should I trust? A random stranger on the internet or professional paid beauty magazine editors who have ACTUALLY SEEN celebrities in real life and are paid to rank beautiful women?

  11. I don’t think it’s that important for you to have a crisis in trust. I’m just telling you my opinion based on seeing them on tv and the internet.

  12. yeah but that's the difference between subjectiveness and less-subjectiveness. Thousands of professionals saying one actress is beautiful is more credible information than some random internet user who may not even have seen the celebrity in question in real life.

  13. No shit Sherlock. That is why I am asking a question.

  14. Where do these losers come from. Somebody ban his butt from this sub.

  15. Be more respectful you dumb f/a/g/g/o/t. What are horrible filth you are.

  16. It shouldn't be happening often enough to be called a hobby; sounds perverted to me.

  17. Okay. But would your answer change if I said the community only does it with female celebrities?

  18. Its a bad hobby to have. Objectifying people is not cool. Taking time out of your day to do so is just a huge waste of time when you could have hobbies that help you be a better person. Ranking people does nothing for you, the person being ranked or the greater good. Its basically a time waster and speaking as someone who is also in their thirties we don’t have a lot of time to waste on ridiculous things like that.

  19. Would me saying that we only do it for celebrities change your answer?

  20. And Nina is still much younger. Thanks for participating

  21. No reputable beauty ranking publication has EVER (not in the 1990s, not even in 2000s) ranked JC top 10. Only that this sub-reddit is flooded with JC fans which has hyperinflated her rank here (if it means anything to begin with but whatever).

  22. My eyes are a reputable source. Jen in her 20s, from 1990 to 1997 was as hot as anyone.

  23. That's the definition of subjectiveness. You have probably never seen JC in real life hence camera angles and makeup have an added effect. Compare that to editors of beauty magazines who have met celebrities multiple times. I'll take them over a bunch of reddit incels.

  24. Currently or when they first came on the scene?

  25. And some on Reddit think Jennifer Connelly is the best.

  26. Almost all good finishes came around when she was in early 30s. Makes sense.

  27. Thanks. I don't know why a few people downvoted this post.

  28. Present: Winona Ryder. Still waiting patiently for her big comeback...

  29. I don't know about her being one of the most. She is beautiful though.

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