1. Just don't aspirate so much on K and T to sound more native :) to a Finn pronunciation of key sounds like there would be half of an H letter after K.

  2. So like we should aspirate more? +h would mean more aspiration, right?

  3. Thought experiment: What would Finlands geopolitical situation be if Sweden had never existed?

  4. It is impossible to say what would have happened if one of two regional powers would just not have existed in the first place. Finland would very likely have been much more peaceful place but also the idea of Finland as a country might not have existed at all or just much later (1970s-1990s). Most of the worst in Finland before WW2 has happened because of the tension between Russia and Sweden

  5. Wouldn't recommend Sompasauna for a female solo traveller who is posting this about eating alone. Not throwing shade and I see where OP is coming from. On the contrary, that's exactly why I wouldn't recommend Sompasauna to her.

  6. I second this. Löyly is the clear winner with lowest risk for possible negatives :)

  7. Sure! Just as a young woman on my own sometimes it’s weird, or people treat me oddly

  8. I prefer eating alone. At work I eat at a later time to be able to eat alone. No one is looking at me funny. Or I haven't noticed at least. I couldn't care less what someone thinks of me eating alone

  9. Another solution would be to apply for consulting jobs in Finland and then using that as a basis for residence permit. A lot of people who don't speak Finnish work in different consulting fields.

  10. Finns can do that. Immigrants do not have equal rights.

  11. And for a good reason! Marriage just for residence permit should be discouraged.

  12. All of them sound fair. Theres bunch of gyms with saunas and public saunas all over Helsinki where you can socialize, so I wouldn't pay extra for it.

  13. No, it doesn't send GPS location unless you are using the 112 app.

  14. New phones with AML capabilities will send the info even without the app.

  15. It is! If a human says it out loud it's almost exclusively going to be puhekieli

  16. That is good to hear. I absolutely loathe Finnish TV and film because of the use of kirjakieli. The worst offender in recent years that I know of was Sorjonen. They mixed kirjakieli with the absolutely lowest effort of local dialect (I think some eastern dialect?). NO ONE SPEAKS LIKE THAT STOP DOING THAT SHIT WTF

  17. Honestly, I think sisu has fallen out of fashion. Nowadays the trends in public discussion are work-life balance, listening to your body, physical and mental recovery after work, avoiding burn out etc. Overachieving and pushing yourself into a burn out aren't virtues anymore.

  18. Audi A4 is not a luxury car. BMW 330 is not a luxury car. Sure, they are on the premium side but those are not luxury cars.

  19. It isn't normal for a private provider. Usually I get through in matter of minutes and through chat even quicker. Appointments can take a while but not more than 2 months on private side. To me it sounds like you must be doing something wrong. I can't tell what that would be based on this info.

  20. That would do wonders here in America. Who are the committees made of?

  21. It is mostly professors and other language researchers. Looking at the list as a Finn it seems they are doing mostly good job. I don't know why they allowed some names like Pöly (dust). If that is a kid they will have an awful time at school.

  22. NGL I assume it's an adult and that's why it's approved in the first place. If someone was to be nicknamed as Pöly often and has proof they can definitely have that name.

  23. Yea, I think most of those names are adults changing names. I found your story funny because I sometimes used Tomu (dust) as my name when playing online so I can see how someone would want to do it.

  24. What do the rest of fins think about Putin and Russia

  25. They hate both. But they did it before the invasion. Now it is just dialed up more

  26. 201 cm tall means that most stores don't have bikes for you. You should inform us where you want this store to be located. Otherwise the recommendation are all over Finland. It can be a bit difficult to order online if you don't know what you are looking but online you would find a much wider selection for your size.

  27. It is just state keeping up the other cities. This policy is mainly driven by Keskusta but also many leftist parties. These flights are possible only because government directly supports them and the airports.

  28. You will need to go to private provider and pay out of pocket. Mehiläinen, Terveystalo and Pihlajalinna are the big ones.

  29. "Negotiate" it and you won't be working in Finland anymore, career-wise, even if you'd burn your vacations on that. It's kind of a big fucking no-no. Suck it up. If it says "working days", then it's nearly three weeks, if it says "days", then it's two weeks.

  30. Bullshit advice. Always discuss and negotiate. Most bosses and employers are willing to compromise for their own benefit.

  31. Unfortunately, we've had a warm, rainy winter, and the two local national parks (Nuuksio and Sipoonkorpi) will be pretty much at their worst this week. Alternating snow and rain means snow coverage is patchy, trees are cleared of snow, and trails are just ice. There is a little bit of snow in the forecast for later this week but maybe not enough to make it very wonderful - although it doesn't necessarily take a lot in the right conditions.

  32. Until this point we had a nice wintery winter. I would say it was particularly good winter for December and until late January we had some extraordinarily nice winterscape.

  33. Yeah as a Helsinkian, I would advice against going to Suomenlinna unless you have multiple days to spare or really can't think of anything else to do. It's not worth wasting your time on if visiting Helsinki just for a couple of days. It's just an island with some not too impressive stone walls and a couple of old cannons, a grocery shop and some restaurants. It has historical importance, but there's not much to see.

  34. That's interesting because I would say that there is not much to see in Helsinki proper and there is a lot to see in Suomenlinna. I would rather go visit an island with interesting history than a basic city but that is just me.

  35. It is mostly about old vs young. Jorma, Pertti, Pentti, Esko, Uolevi etc all sound like old males. Peetu, Oliver, Onni, Elias, Leo, Viljami all sound like boys names. The stereotypes come from these ages mostly.

  36. Where does "me the mandolin" come from, though?

  37. It comes from Finnish tendency to alliteration. Meikämastodontti - Meikä is colloquial for me and mastodontti is, well, mastodon. This builds on similar

  38. This is inaccurate and simplified post. It was not crushed by Imperialist German forces. Germany did have a role to play but they were not the main party. The civil war would have lasted longer without their participation but the Reds could never have won the civil war.

  39. How nice this would be if there were no road, just a little hiking trail.

  40. There are many of those in Finland too :) Eskers aren't exactly uncommon in Finland

  41. Phone and email exist. Or even just walking in and asking. Life is difficult if you make it difficult

  42. tf? You grab it palms down. If there is a chance the lifter will drop it, you keep your hands hovering ready to grab it. But if they were to fully let go of the bar, nothing you can do.

  43. It really isn't that simple. Lets say a bodybuilder is doing assisted sets at the end to reach true failure. Then most people would grab it under. There are many different ways to spot. You don't have to spot in the same way for a 1 rep max compared to 20 rep set to total failure.

  44. Hello all. This is a somewhat specific and unusual scenario, but hopefully someone can offer some advice…

  45. I doubt anyone can give you any concrete guidance. It comes down to what you value. It might be that you have to stop working in 10 years or it might be that you can continue working until retirement. You don't have to choose either or in my opinion (between Finland and USA, not between working and not working)

  46. Varför tror du det? Nämns uttryckligen i artikeln.

  47. Först borde man nog klargöra vad Haavisto sade. Han sade att första alternativet är förstås att ansöka tillsammans men man måste analysera om det finns något som skulle helt blockera Sveriges process. Sen tillade han att nu är det helt för tidigt att ta ställning till det.

  48. Det är inte en lång artikel, du kan läsa den själv. Men jag kan ta ut de viktiga delarna

  49. Alltså igen bara tolkning. Det finns ingenting konkret att stöda din argument om tidslinjen och motiv för Haavisto som sagt redan. Artikeln stöder inte din argument. Hela kontroversen är förvirrad. Ingenting har ändrats. Haavistos "korrigering" är egentligen samma meddelande som började hela tvisten.

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