1. That reminds me of a similar image where someone came home drunk and smothered their white cat with kisses because she was so excited to see it.

  2. You are forgetting about the earl_y treatments that always worked. Even Vit-D works, which we knew from the start. Cheap drugs that are widely used in 3rd world countries.

  3. funny, because i was surprised to learn that scientists today actually still don't know what exactly causes lightning. we know what conditions produce lightning, but the actual mechanism behind how electricity travels through miles of air is unknown

  4. There are some new discoveries about charged particles from the solar wind causing certain lightning storms.

  5. Your theory does not make any sense.

  6. It ends the matrix-simulation for wallmart and brings you to the backrooms.

  7. "I am a non-binary binary! Stop misgendering me!"

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