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  1. We made his WCS watch him shower and coached him through it… not sure if today’s navy would allow this anymore

  2. Aren't the people who bought in 2020 making it out ok? Super low interest rates and reasonably priced houses. They got in before the huge boom.

  3. I don't qualify for a hardship. I have stable (though not optimal) housing.

  4. Older for sure. I'm 31, my ideal.man would be 42+. I don't want to be someone's mom. Older men are more likely to have their shit together.

  5. Why join the Navy at all? Why not the Air Force?

  6. Why oh why don't people implement 2fA on their accounts? The number of hacked accounts would drop considerably.

  7. I learned this the hard way. I had no idea what 2FA was until my Facebook profile got hacked. Over 10 years worth of pictures, videos, and memories just gone.

  8. The Marine Corps has the best PR machine of all the branches. Don't fall for that shit. They'll have you shoveling shit for dinner and tell you that you're better than the Air Force because they eat steak every night.

  9. But who is better on the mic cutting promos? If you say Cena then I'll know you're just doing this for karma

  10. I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum

  11. Whats the message? They are describing what they saw from their parents in 31 years of marriage.

  12. I have a huge crush on one of my closest male friends. If I were 100% certain it wouldn't ruin our friendship, I would do it in a heartbeat.

  13. It would appear that way, however, women are more likely to be responsible for fender benders in a parking lot, or rear ending other cars at stoplights. Whereas men are more likely to have a crash involving great bodily harm or death. You see all those videos of Mustangs flying into crowds?

  14. Why don't they give other White people who complain as anime characters the same shit? The characters are Asian.

  15. The whole "cops are bad" message was so shoved down my throat it was quite distracting

  16. Is it just your bias? It is a fact that police incompetence cost so many more lives.

  17. They literally added shit that the cops IRL didn't even do, what are you on about

  18. I totally forgot about that part. I can see how annoying that is. However, there were MANY sensationalized events in this series. It's Hollywood, what do you expect?

  19. I would refrain. The chances are low, but there is always a chance of an infection doing some damage and you'll need treatment. You can wait for your ultimate duty station to get tattoos.

  20. I started to hate Bojack on my 3rd rewatch lol.

  21. This is the part that gets me. They need to stop casting dudes who are known for being “hot” to play these fuckers.

  22. I dont think Jeffrey was a bad looking guy, to be honest. He definitely wasn't a drooling troll coming from under the bridge. That could explain the casting.

  23. I really wish parents wouldn't wait until the cat has scratched the kids eyes out to get the child away from the cat. Especially when the cat is displaying signs it is clearly uncomfortable around the child.

  24. Why were these features not built in at the start? Seems like an obvious thing.

  25. Most safety rules are written in blood. I can't imagine the sheer devastation to people's lives that end up being the catalysts to organizations like OSHA and their standards.

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