• Be the Next Youth Ambassador

    The Tubbataha Management Office is now searching for the new set of young Palaweños who have the passion for conserving the marine environment. Apply now!

  • Regulations for Buffer Zone Now in Place

    Activities within the more or less 356,000-hectare buffer zone surrounding Tubbataha are now regulated to intensify the reefs’ protection.

  • Fish Photos for Tubbataha Fish Guide

    Send in your fish photos from Tubbataha and be part of the Tubbataha Fish Guide Project.

    Learn how ...
  • World's Premier Dive Site

    Tubbataha is known for its extraordinary biodiversity, abundant marine life and breathtaking drop-offs into the open ocean. Experience the world’s best-dive Tubbataha.

  • Beyond Beauty

    Located at the heart of the Coral Triangle, Tubbataha plays an important role in the larger ecosystems. Learn more of its unique features beyond beauty.

  • Justice For Tubbataha Undelivered

    A year after the tragic grounding of the USS Guardian in the Tubbataha Reefs, justice remains unserved. And what about the scar it left? Read the report.

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Dive Tubbataha

Since divers discovered Tubbataha in the late 1970s, it has become recognised as one of the most remarkable coral reefs on our planet. The CNN travel website, cnngo.com, ranks it among the top eight dive sites in the world.

Because of its isolated location, Tubbataha can only be visited on a liveaboard boat. Divers can experience the reefs' dramatic underwater terrain, awe-inspiring biodiversity and encounter large marine animals such as sharks, turtles and manta rays.

As a visiting diver you play a key role in Tubbataha's future, as your conservation fees provide the funds we need to protect the park from illegal exploitation.

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Biodiversity Spotlight

Tiger Shark
Thriving in the warm waters of Tubbataha

As its name suggests, tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) have tiger-like stripes which are more visible on the body of its young. As the juveniles mature though, these vertical black lines fade away becoming barely noticeable in adult tiger sharks.

Similar to its terrestrial namesake, tiger sharks are solitary in nature and are voracious hunters. In fact, it has earned the title “Wastebasket of the Ocean” for being an indiscriminate eater. This shark will literally eat anything it will find. Though their regular diet is composed of a wide variety of marine animals, some unique items have been found inside the stomach of captured tiger shark. These include license plates, old tires, pieces of boats and ships, jewelry, clothing and more. They also have powerful jaws filled with serrated teeth .... >>

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Research Reports

Announcement to Bid

Name Project: Procurement of Outboard Motor (OBM) for Tubbataha Patrol Boat
vBrief Description: Purchase & installation of 1 unit Yamaha OBM 150Hp 4-stroke; repair and maintenance of 30-footer, fiberglass-hulled patrol boat
Amount: PhP1, 000, 000.00
Start of Bidding: July 18,2014
Deadline of Submission: July 31, 2014

Name Project: Tubbataha Promotional Video Production
Brief Description: Production of a 10-min Audio Visual Presentation for Tubbataha
Amount: PhP400, 000.00
Start of Bidding: July 18,2014
Deadline of Submission: Aug 8, 2014

Where We Are

You may now experience Tubbataha’s underwater world without getting wet in this 360 degree images courtesy of Catlin Seaview Survey.

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