1. Listen, whatever you want to do to me sexually, you have my enthusiastic consent, and if that's nothing, that's ok too

  2. Rimworld just sometimes grabs you without it mattering if you have time though. I'm in a permanent loop of playing a hundred hours in a month and then looping back to not touching it for half a year

  3. How long do you want it to take? Getting a bachelors degree only takes 120 credit hours. It’s the quality of training that really makes police suck

  4. my time in Minecraft is probably more than 5 of these states combined, my time in SSBU is about as much as Louisiana and Michigan combined.

  5. my time on Skyrim, Dark Souls 3, Elden Ring, Team Fortress 2, and Persona 5 Royal top all of these individually 💀

  6. Don't starve together and the original one when combined along with my hours in Tf2 and ARK Survival completely blow all the hours here out of the park

  7. Anyone know how to check hours played in Minecraft? (Java) I've really wanted to know for a couple years now

  8. I think I have spent more time playing Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 or Minecraft then is required to become a police officer in at least Louisiana

  9. They also spend a couple weeks learning criminal procedure/criminal law where lawyers would spend a couple semesters of law school and bar review, which tends to lead to “loose” interpretations of due process procedures like searches and executing warrants

  10. My 3ds pokemon games have more time punched in than some of these states, and one of them litterally dosnt work anymore,

  11. Probably more in Minecraft, but Minecraft doesn't count hours played. Between my two most played games on steam I probably have around a thousand hours

  12. 1300 terraria 1200 ark 1000 ish minecraft but I coudlnt possibly check the exact amount 800 across modes on osu i think that's all of them

  13. I only have 214 hours on both of my most played games on steam but if you could see how many hours you have on minecraft I’d probably have like 500 hours on it lmao

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