Keffals rule (gofundme in comments)

  1. They literally just wanted to hurt a trans woman there is no excuse for this level of incompetency since this has happened to her before right? Like people impersonating her and doing this type of shit is on record

  2. Apparently someone sent an email impersonating her saying she was going to do a mass shooting at a government building and kill every cis person she saw. I can’t believe how fucked in the head you have to be to do that to somebody.

  3. It’s terrifying seeing what lengths people will go to just to perform acts based on hatred. No one should be forced to go through this and the fact Keffals didn’t get the justice she deserved by those who are supposed to give it, is sickening. What’s even more disgusting is how the police easily try to sweep this situation under the rug like this didn’t happen at all. All cops are major bastards.

  4. As a Canadian (who happens to live 20 minutes away from the city this happened at) Canada is defenitley not perfect in terms of equality. Some places are like night and day. Some places are very accepting, but other places not so far away can be very toxic. What happened is terrible, and I really hope that things get better for her soon.

  5. This is so fucked up. The fact that shes still being investigated even though the police didnt find any weapons and that her mother is alive is incredibly stupid and unfair. Also organising an entire house raid just because you received several emails clearly fabricated by trolls and waking someone up with a riffle to their head is inhumane on every level. I hope whoever sent the emails gets what they deserve.

  6. I honestly doubt they didnt know they were fake they just wanted to legally threaten a minority. It's really not out of character for canadian cops or cops in general

  7. Apparently they also deadnamed her despite it not being her legal name for like 10 years now

  8. That's more than enough time for any ID/licenses to get moved over to the new name, even if you decided to only renew when you had a week left.

  9. Is there any legal shenanigan loophole she can abuse if they bring charges against her dead name considering she's legally changed it?

  10. Did she post a way to donate through something other than gofundme? Gofundme only allows you to pay by credit card as far as I can tell and I don't have one of those, so I literally can't donate that way

  11. this is horrendously fucked, I'm honestly fucking scared of the police at this point they can completely destroy your life and just get away with it

  12. Who would've thought that an organisation made to protect the law, but therefore putting them above the law, would result to those organisations getting away with crimes disguised as work

  13. Funny how police authorities use overwhelming force against such a fake threat while ignoring actual right wing extremists until they start killing people (Yes I’m aware this is in Canada but it’s not just as US problem). Fuck these pigs.

  14. Bro.. Was just watching the pyrocynical Utopia video, I open reddit and the FIRST thing I see is someone being wrongfully accused 💀💀???

  15. Watch it end up being that one dude shes been in a nasty twitter war with forever. Unlikely, but still. That aside, jesus fuck canada youre supposed to be better than this

  16. PSA: ACAB isn't just "wah sometimes cops do bad things" its that cops are the states enforcement squad so they will always be in the best interest for the state. A cop is nothing but the tool of the state, so if you hate the state (which you should) then you hate all cops and the work they do to defend the status quo

  17. Someone on Reddit was telling me that there are some controversies with Keffals and as proof sent me a 50-minute video by some small time YouTuber ranting about her and I was like “I ain’t watching this shit” but I know nothing about Keffals so I thought I’d ask you guys who exactly she is and what she does. From what I had seen of her Twitter I really liked her. Hope she’s okay. Heard there was a go fund me for moving costs bc she no longer felt safe but it was shut down by the police or smth.

  18. This story only reinforces my plan to break the back of my skull open in a paddy wagon if I’m ever arrested. Fuck the police and fuck whoever did this to her

  19. Oh nawww don't do that. They usually got ya cuffed and sometimes shackled. I watched a fairly recent video where they didn't buckle the guy into the back of one of those things and when the cop braked hard the guy wound up sliding forward and falling headfirst into the wall and since he couldn't use his hands or anything to break the fall it broke his neck.

  20. The publicity is a good thing right now because the info is getting to more people who are able to donate to her moving fund so that she can get to a safer place ASAP. in the video, she explains her current house is in a place without protections against SWATing, so this could happen again if she stays. Spreading this info is actively helpful rn for meeting her emergency financial needs so she can gtfo.

  21. If yiu people knew who Keffals really was you would not feel sorry nor donate a penny. Absolutely terrible person and a very bad example for the trans community

  22. you know, it would be messed up for you to say this out of the blue, but since you did it because you bought into a parasocial relationship with a streamer who dislikes her i think its extra pathetic

  23. Homiesicle hate to break it to you people don't deserve to be threatened with death for being a slight nuisance online

  24. They confiscated a bunch of her shit and still haven't given it back despite knowing full well by now that she was the victim of a SWATing and not an actual suspect.

  25. and the proceeded to continue even after finding her mother alive and well, and finding no proof, and much proof it was some kiwifarm fuck

  26. people are mad at the police for taking an obviously fake threat seriously, for not listening when her brother warned that this could happen to her and asked them to put her on a no-swat list, for still considering her a suspect and confiscating her and her partner’s electronic devices, and for using her deadname even though it hasn’t been her legal name for years

  27. Yes, because the police still were complete shitbags??? Waking someone up with an assault rifle pointed at their head and then proceeding to continually call them by a deadname that they haven't legally used in 10 years, that's fucked up.

  28. She lives in Canada. I get you despise Biden but at least apply it to something that makes sense instead of spewing your brain vomit all over soemthing wholly unrelated

  29. Holy shit dont give that Person any Money. Her entire career is brigading and stirring shit up to get money and clout.

  30. I might get downvoted so I want to start with saying I am completely against swatting, harassment, etc., but did anyone read the police report? From what I read there’s a much different story of what happened compared to what I’m seeing repeated in the comments here.

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