1. All I needed to know that they were gay for each other was Robin at a convention saying in his medic voice “I love Heavy!”

  2. It wasn't actually. While Valve games are pretty good in inclusion department, you can find "woke" movies, games, comics etc. since the 70s.

  3. if tf2 was made today, they would’ve added a French character that had sex and likes to be behind the other characters. Like ew we don’t need all that nasty stuff in a children’s game🤢

  4. When TF2 was released in Germany, it was rated 18+ because children and teenagers should not be subjected to the French existing

  5. TF2 fandom is wild because it's half asshole gamerbros who faint if they hear the word gay and half super cool people who make sfms of the mercs kissing.

  6. Op, i showed this meme to my friend and apparently you used a picture she made in this xD (the pic of medic and heavy kissing)

  7. lol, they made this game free and able to run on any computer just so folks could experience playing an online game. i still have not played any online multiplayer game. idkwhy. it's a specific kind of shyness, i think because i suck at videogames. or, like...i feel like everyone else has a whole logical and objective-oriented approach to videogames and i absolutely do not. despite having dozens of multiplayer games, i feel like it's something i've just missed out on.

  8. It only seems like that from the outside, most people are completely clueless and have no idea what they're doing in any game (even if they make it seem like they do)

  9. I remember watching that exact fucking game theory video when I was like seven years old and I got really mad when he said Pyro was gay I don’t know why

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