1. For sure, it's a great opportunity to invest in a rain-water collection and filtration system either for yourself or your community, assuming you live in a state that doesn't have idiotic water-rights that count collecting rainwater as stealing.

  2. A dumbass tweet from the NYTimes is getting a ton of views around the internet. That represents an opportunity for investors.

  3. why wont they make a system where food and water is a basic right but also government forces everyone to have at least some job? Or did i reinvent socialism again?

  4. At least some job, some would say that’s slavery. That’s the issue. No different than capitalism some would say.

  5. All institutions which are hierarchical organized are organized in that manner to concentrate power and influence at the top. Power is primarily found in owning resources and extorting people for them, it's counterintuitive to provide to people when you could extort them. Relying on any hierarchical structure is idiotic, they're built to be exploitative.

  6. I think Investors should be put down like the dogs they are for supplying the motivation and means of horrid actions for their own self gain

  7. There is a Belgian actor that said " I love water, in 20/30 years there won't be anymore" He said that 40 years ago

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