fucking terrorists

  1. "God will not be mocked" continues to become involved in terrorist attacks. These people make me want to believe in God, so they can know the absolute horrifying shock of realising whats ahead of them when they arent in heaven.

  2. im sorry i know this is awful and serious but I cant stop laughing at the absurdity. these people are willing to fucking sabotage the power grid to stop people from dressing up in over the top costumes and make jokes LMAO. in the same breath they will yell freedom though. it is so fucking rich

  3. Im kinda against weapons for self defense, but i safely think i can make an exception for usa, you guys have it rough over there. The only way you got to react is to have them fear you, keep yourselfes safe guys.

  4. Considering the evidence we at least know that she was aware of it in advance of the attack, which means she likely has some insight as to the identities of the perpetrators.

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