The Alchemist's Handbook

  1. Not sure if the chalk on blackboard feeling would translate well onto a poster, especially if it’s too glossy, but idk texture and there’s probably a right way to frame something like that.

  2. Ive heard that displate is dogshit tho. The glue on the stickers you place on the walls with the posters wear out and they damage the floor on impact.

  3. Holy fuck that'd make a great poster Incredible work! I'd love to see more of your style applied to this game. Incredible, truly.

  4. Any chance I could download these in a larger format to use as a desktop background? Working with a 16:9 1440p monitor. Love the hand drawn chalkboard esk design of these!

  5. This is really fucking good work, please add them to your portfolio so someone can see these and offer you exposure for $2000 worth of art.

  6. Weird question but could I get something like this tattood ? Lmk if you see this otherwise I wouldn’t “steal” the idea

  7. You could probably make a dope menu for a restaurant with this art style, have you considered marketing your services in that area?

  8. The super combat technically isn’t water it’s a mixture of the other 3 potions plus the torstol added in. These are so cool. Looks like they could be on a cocktail menu or something

  9. Am I the only one who can't see the images? Everything I click just brings me back to this post. Fucking reddit man

  10. Is this going to be printed as a coffee table book or something similar at any point? I'd legitimately leave this at my desk because I can never remember potion recipes besides prayer.

  11. I've hot a calendar in my kitchen that has recipes in this style. Absolutely love it. Maybe make yours a calendar and sell it? I'd buy 1

  12. I normally hate osrs related 'merch/buyables' it's always a stretch and I'm left thinking why would people want this.

  13. Am I crazy, or is Strength misspelled on the Super Combat? Anyways, I'd buy the FUCK out of these in shirt form.

  14. Really like how the herbs look like irl herbs. The prayer pot is my favorite one, always thought it would taste minty. Very well done.

  15. Was hoping for an explanation as to why 3 (4) potions become 1 (4) potion when making super combats haha. Does our character just dump out 2/3 of each potion like some clumsy fuck?

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