Liberals Aim to Ban SKS and All Other Semi-Auto, Centrefire, Mag-Fed Rifles And Shotguns [Canada]

  1. I think they would say this in the US if they were honest. Gun grabbers always play dumb when you point out that an AR-15 isn't functionally different from a Remington because they want to ban those too. If given the chance they'll eventually take all semi autos.

  2. Pretty much, we haven’t had a single mass shooting with a firearm that was legally purchased in canada in who knows how long

  3. So...someone explain Canadian law structure to me. I was under the impression that C-21 had already passed, but this is an amendment to C-21? So they can amendment legislation after it has been passed and signed?

  4. It's really telling that, while you would think the people who claim to be on the side of science and wanting to cure the worlds ills, take this shotgun approach, no pun intended, that makes it impossible to determine efficacy of any one strategy.

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