Lawsuit argues that Measure 114's gun permit program violates Oregon Constitution

  1. Honestly more surprised that, despite all the issues people have with the PPD, people looked at this and went “yes I want those people who don’t show up when called deciding who gets to protect themselves.”

  2. The way the law was presented in the voters pamphlet was deceitful. Most people who voted yes either voted yes because they’ll vote yes for everything up to an outright ban on firearms or because they’re more moderate but thought they were voting on a bill which strengthened background checks and closed loopholes (which didn’t exist in Oregon). But because the measure crammed so many new regulations under a supposed limit of “single issue”, you really had to go out and do your own reading.

  3. After 1-5 years of violent riots screaming about fascism and racist police. Portlanders are easily some of the dumbest people on the west coast.

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