Don’t ask how long I spent sanding these

  1. So how does that work exactly. Do people just leave their printers running unattended overnight? Do you pause and resume?

  2. I know everyone is joking but I genuinely want to know. I have these exact 2 prints sat waiting to sand but I'm anxious to know how much of my life I'm going to lose

  3. Look into a filament called PVB. Can smooth it better than sanding with isopropyl alcohol. Fairly cheap on Amazon too.

  4. I feel like I and everyone else only hand sands their 3d prints and that's that. Can we get the same/better results faster using some cheap electric sanding wheel or similar device? Wouldn't it save a ton of time and energy?

  5. Invest in a black and decker mouse sander for $50, saves so much time. Hand sanding is reduced to fine detail spots. You can find third party sanding pads for it from 100-800 grit (B&D only makes 80-220 if I recall)

  6. I don't have to, because it's obviously just enough time to make those helmets look like polished metal.

  7. you know what's worse? Applying the last layer of bondo on the sanded helmet, let it dry on the sun and come back later to realise that the helmet has melted and deformed in a couple of places. But I feel you, took me almost 2 weeks to finish my helmet as well

  8. No matter how long you have spent sanding you spray the primer coat and realise you have a whole lot more to do!

  9. I’ve only ever made two helmets, and it’s these exact two, so I know EXACTLY how long you spent on sanding lol. Great work!

  10. Props to you. I see so many people who don't seem to understand that sanding is a crucial progress. They just paint it and it looks like shit.

  11. You can use an epoxy product like SmoothOn XTC to apply over a print surface and it almost eliminates the need for sanding.

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  13. I saw a video a couple weeks ago that blew my mind. Dude was just brushing on leftover resin. Did a light sanding afterwards then a filler primer and wet sand again. But it looked much easier then what I just endured with my iron man mask. I haven't painted yet cause I dont know if I wanna go traditional colors or not.

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