Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

  1. I've been calling this game ultimate tic tac toe for a decade. I just figured it was the name a random kid in my math class gave it. I never knew that was the real name. Wild.

  2. Our “house rules” makes the Global Square unobtainable by either player. However, we have yet to have it happen.

  3. I thought the same thing until I actually played it. It's pretty hard to tie when you're not always guaranteed the same amount of moves in each 3x3 grid

  4. idk for sure but I think the rules of placement mean there is no way to tie a game, or maybe its just much more unlikely

  5. Ultimate Tic Tac Toe, or what my family calls Tic Tac Ten. Players place their marker in one of the small boards, and that dictates which board the opponent must play in next. For example, let's say I place an X in the upper-right-hand corner of the middle board. Your move then must play an O in a square in the upper-right-hand board. You choice not only affects that board's game; it dictates which board I must play on next.

  6. There’s apps you can try playing this if you want: Tic-Tac-Toe2(squared) and Ultimate Tic Tac Toe are a couple examples. It’s pretty challenging!

  7. It stays empty. So yes, it's possible to reach a state where the global board is unwinnable before the game is otherwise completed.

  8. It should always be possible to lock in a draw, right? Like, you can only lose tic tac toe by being inattentive, right?

  9. No, check out the rules elsewhere in this thread. Ultimate Tic Tac Toe a.k.a. Tic Tac Ten has extra rules that make it much more strategic.

  10. It's actually unknown. Ultimate tic tac toe has not been solved yet and resists Brute force examination. It's a fairly tricky game for computers to play well.

  11. Nope the small board you play on is determined by your opponent's last move so a board could wind up only getting played by one side.

  12. Depends on how you choose to implement a particular rule. One way, a perfect player will always win if they go first. The other way is yet unsolved.

  13. I played that once. The moment I realized I could force the other side to let me win in a few moves was great.

  14. I didn't realise ultimate tic tac toe was the name, I only found it from the app "Tix tax" so assumed that was it

  15. then you take nine of those and then take nine of the results and then just repeat that a lot of times and you will have a nice and long game of tic tac toe

  16. For real though… Does this really make it any more complex than a normal tic tac toe? Like strategy wise there is nothing new?!

  17. It does add a bit of complexity, this isn't a new version of the game or anything and there are apps that work this way if you want to try it.

  18. So there's this game called "otrio" that I have, that is essentially 3dimensional tictactoe. But instead of actually having a height to it, the pieces are concentric colored rings. You have three of each size big-medium-small, and you have to get either three of the same size in a row, three in ascending/descending size in a row, or all three concentric in the same spot.

  19. How many pieces do you need to ensure not running out during a game? Seems like you wouldn’t need 100% of the spots, but I don’t know how you would figure out how many of each you need.

  20. If I printed this, I'd make 7 * 9 = 63 each of the small ones and 7 * 1 = 7 each of the big ones. My rationale for this is that in an extreme case, you could place six tokens of one color in a grid without winning. Thus you'd need a seventh one to clearly win that one every time. Now, I'm not saying that any sane human being would place six of their own tokens in a grid and not win in a single tic tac toe game (because in a normal tic tac toe game you could only ever place five tokens at most in a single grid), but in this game you could strategically do this to send your opponent to a certain local grid even though another move would make you win your current local grid. Also, if you played against a really bad computer or something, it could be that it would just by random chance place its tokens in such a way that six per grid aren't enough. So yeah, highly highly unlikely that you'd ever need all 63 small ones or all 7 big ones per color but this way you'd always be on the safe side.

  21. Did you use filament as the fastener in your case like the original design or is it resized and needs something different?

  22. OP is actually popular in Japan. Local minor celebrity, but he wouldn't tell you that! His ancestor, Shintick Tactoe, was a samurai general that quickly created the game to keep the village kids quiet and distracted during an invasion of a ninja clan. The samurai were able to remain hidden long enough to exact a counter offensive and win, and the game was celebrated and named after him in his honour. Many women thanked him and joked about how they were able to get some peace and quiet as their young children were able to grasp the concept and play together quietly but not able to grasp how to tie games yet.

  23. If you're going to pretend something is Japanese, it would help to pick a name that is not impossible to write in that language.

  24. Considering that each tic tac toe game end in draw (unless you dont know how to play), how exactly the upper layer works?

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