Any lore about Slaanesh devoted Marines who aren't EC?

  1. Flawless Host have been pushed quite hard in recent editions along with a few other renegade Chapters as examples of non-Traitor Legion Chaos Marines, to the extent they got unique rules in the game.

  2. During the Gaudinian Heresy Iron Father Kristos and those loyal to him dubbed "Kristosians" witnessed the "The perfect utility, the efficiency and the strength" exhibited in a factory where "billions of Imperial citizens had been crammed into a ten mile space" and the workers and machines had thus become "one" and in that moment Iron Father Kristos chose corruption and fell to the Saphire King's embrace and chose to plunged a nest of his mechadendrites into the mass of fleshy receptors and gave himself to the forces of Chaos. All of the "Kristosians" died but still. Another one that is mentioned that I only vaguely remember is when Kharn is with a squad of other khornate marines and the other marines in his squad fall to Slaanesh's seduction and Kharn kills them all.

  3. That's the Abyssal Crusade chapter that ended up on a Daemon World that was just a giant obese man in the fetal position, right?

  4. Some ex word bearer marines that fell to slaaneesh and now hate word bearers the most, but I don't know the name of the warband

  5. The Hedonistarii are a Slannesh warband that sound sort of cool...and have maybe inadvertently influenced parts of my own warband.

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