I’m so glad Joe Biden codified Roe vs Wade like he said he would, things could’ve been bad otherwise /s

  1. I did the legwork for OP. October 5, 2019. Yeesh he’s (edit - not OP) useless (edit 2) doing exactly what a conservative does (point taken, reply person,

  2. I’ve said it before - headlines and tweets on this sub should require a link in the comments from OP. Way less effort on OP’s part and it helps us learn more about the issues highlighted in this sub

  3. I’ve got a secret for you: abortion has always been a carrot on a stick. Just like healthcare for all. Just like college loan repayment. By not securing these things, the party ensures it always has a platform to run on. Now it has backfired because the Republicans finally outmaneuvered the Democrats and banned abortion*.

  4. Plus the supreme court justice he got to appoint.... With Biden as VP...... And everyone somehow voted for him in the primary....

  5. the dems had a supermajority too, could've been done super easily. Pelosi's often given concessions to pro-life groups & people; but if Obama spoke up she would've been supportive I'm sure

  6. Tough to get even all those Democrats on board. I'm sure in their minds it's far easier to let the SCOTUS ruling of Roe v Wade have your back.

  7. He was too busy giving trillions of dollars to the banks and insurance companies that caused the 2008 crash to worry about the people. They really deserved it, and they were right to make us pay for it, apparently.

  8. Good thing we didnt risk voting for bernie. Those uneducated leftists would have had us vote for that communist and a republican would have obviously defeated anyone so stupid as to believe that we should help the working class.

  9. Poll after poll after poll has shown that if Bernie had been running instead of Hillary, enough voters would have shown up to overwhelm Trump's lead and ensure his loss in 2016.

  10. You're uneducated yourself if you think Bernie would be able to codify it into law with this Congress. Biden will sign the bill if it makes it to his desk, just like Obama and Bernie would. The problem is getting the bill to his desk, which isn't a Presidential issue.

  11. are you really stupid enough to think Bernie could have codified Rowe v Wade into law with an executive order? It takes congress, he wouldn't have done it either.

  12. 1. The Preident CANNOT do this on his own. It requires an act of congress. Bernie would've had the exact same Congress.

  13. It's baffling how Republicans can just freely take so much ground, trampling rights, not giving a shit about democracy or morality, all while Democrats twiddle their fucking thumbs, caring more about "procedure" than doing what's right.

  14. Turns out if you give a president the power to do that you've given him the power to do something like that with anything he wants to and that's why we don't give presidents that power.

  15. If the Democrats actually wanted to codify it, they had plenty of opportunities over the course of many decades. They never intended to do it.

  16. The democrats tried once. They then tossed up their hands and said "see? It's the Republicans fault!" If they actually wanted to make it happen, we'd see every single measure along the way voted on. Federally mandate so many exceptions that they destroy any state law that says women HAVE to die if they have ectopic pregnancies.

  17. Yes, Biden is near useless, but do remember that the republican party does have agency, and this is their doing. Don't blame him more than them.

  18. Biden isn't useless, the American people are just dumb and in need of a civics refresher. Every president who says "I will enact/pass x" is lying through their teeth to you, they have 0 power to do any of that with an uncooperative congress (aka Congress for the last 50 years or so)

  19. yeah, but that's like saying "Blame the rabid wolverine, not the incompetent person who was supposed to cage him!" Technically it was the wolverine who fucked your shit up, but only the handler had any ability to solve the problem...

  20. There’s literally nothing Biden could have done. He’s not the dictator, he doesn’t control congress, Democrats only have a majority on paper. It takes 60 votes in the Senate to pass anything.

  21. If a guy burns a house down, and the firefighters show up and start making promises as the fucker burns down instead of putting the fire out, then they’re both equally at fault.

  22. Christ. I don't know how many times this needs to be said. Overturning the filibuster won't work either because Manchin won't go along with it. The GOP just need 25 of the least populated states to keep a stranglehold on the Senate. They don't give a flying fuck about the majority.

  23. I swear there must be gas leak somewhere in some of these subs because they seem to think all Biden has to do is write "Roe v Wade is officially codified" on a piece of paper and that would solve everything. Presidents sign bills. Bills are created in the legislature. It needs a majority in The House and 60 votes in The Senate.

  24. Do you understand that the Dems have majority in both the house and senate? How can they not get anything passed? Cuz they have done a fat lot of nothing for the common man so far.

  25. Then why did he campaign on being able to make congress do stuff? Why was that his strategy to enact change? Was he unaware, after spending 49 years in government, that the president cannot force Congress to pass bills? Or was he simply lying?

  26. "Hey Joe Manchin, if you don't vote to end the fillabuster I'll order the AG to look into your daughter's Epipen price fixing with Pfizer."

  27. People in this thread have a burning need to always blame Democrats. Because they don't want to accept that by always attacking Democrats whenever anything happens, they help Republicans win elections, which let Republicans do this.

  28. Are you really angry at Joe Biden for not being able to do the things that he just doesn't have the votes to do in congress? Manchin and Sinema are the republicans blocking him, just like the other republicans. Why don't you blame them?

  29. One party promises to be the good guys, then doesn’t follow through and holds fancy dinner parties while they grind you in to the gutter under the heel of tyranny.

  30. Ha! In 1982 at 38 senator joe Biden voted to repeal it in just the same way the courts did today. All you fucking D vs R lemmings need to get your head outta your ass. It’s the elite against us. They pit us at each other to stay in power. Wake the fuck up!

  31. I'm as sick of biden and the ineffectual democrats as much as anybody else, but the record I see shows that he voted against the attempt to overturn roe v wade in 1983.

  32. Honestly, DNC people must be smiling ear to ear at this point. They've just got a great campaign rallying cry for the mid terms.

  33. I just got a fucking text from the dnc saying this exact thing but that we need to elect politicians that will. Codify it now Biden! Executive order the shit! I dunno do something you geriactric fuck

  34. But that would be divisive, tho, can't have that. Better to let conservatives have their again, as usual

  35. To be fair Democrats only had a mere 50 years to do this. We've just got to give them a little time. . . oh and respond to more of their fundraising messages. /s

  36. What being forced to vote between the party that actively tries to ruin livelihoods and the party that does nothing does to an mf

  37. Biden is coasting. He's at the top end of his career. He has nothing to lose by fighting the Republicans with gloves off. What will they do, talk bad about him???

  38. Joe is a hypocritical a-hole whom has not delivered on his campaign promises... AND the US Senate is a hopelessly corrupt and deadlocked circle jerk... AND the Supreme Court has been jury-rigged by regressive extremists. All are simultaneously true.

  39. One party is actively trying to kill you and the other is too spineless to do anything. There's a reason the two party system was believed to be the death of democracy and we are living it. It's time to do away with these parties, I shouldn't have more choice in sports teams or dollar menu items than I do in groups to represent my ideals in office.

  40. When will you all learn that politicians just say whats expedient, not what they believe. Joe Biden is a Catholic.

  41. It’s congress that has to do it, but there aren’t enough votes to overcome the filibuster. What needs to happen is to get Manchin and Sinema to join the rest of the party and eliminate it so that the congress can codify Roe—only then can the president sign it

  42. I say, it's time to purge every person over 50 from office. Elected or otherwise. And get rid of the Q freaks running for office. But we need to start acting in unison now, before the well funded conservative think tanks destroy this country with there theo-fascist ideals.

  43. Yeah you fucking morons. Biden did this. Jesus. What fucking morons. And fuck Bernie Sanders. It will take a a shitload of Biden acceptance before the democratic SOCIALIST will have any chance. You are fucking morons who have no chance of affecting US politics. Get a life and figure out how you can help!

  44. That's cute. But please remember he's facing a wall of blue-balled old republican cunts who will oppose absolutely anything he does simply out of course. You need to complicate your thinking.

  45. For the record, Biden signed everything relating to Roe into law that has hit his desk. And also for the record, this SCOTUS decision doesn’t impact the President’s ability to codify in the future.

  46. President does not make law. The same reason that SCOTUS ruled this way, is the same reason there's will be no federal law guaranteeing access to abortion. The Senate is antidemocratic and controlled by people who want to use abortion as a wedge to remain in power.

  47. Only if we got sanders and not the establishments pick like always , we really don’t get to choose our leaders , democracy is a facade

  48. Has Biden done anything he has promised? Has the SALT cap been removed? Student loan debt forgiven? He is a waste. Better than cheeto head but only marginally. He could have prevented this. He could have done a lot of things. He's a disappointment and not the leader this country needs right now.

  49. Damn if only Democrats had a majority in both houses of Congress then he could just do it now… oh well, let’s hear a poem instead

  50. Meanwhile all of the conservative presidents didn't even bother to try. Heck they even installed radical justices to overturn it.

  51. This comment section right here is why we still have to deal with Republicans in high office. If you think that Joe Biden can single-handedly codify anything, then you're a moron. If you think Republicans would ever work together with him to codify it, you're a moron.

  52. Not a single person in this comments section is saying "why would Joe Biden do this, I'm voting republican." They're all saying "Joe Biden is a fucking liar," which is true.

  53. Don't worry, the democrats might not have power to implement abortion laws, but at least they have power to send armed police to protect the supreme court /s

  54. He's probably too demented to remeber his election promises. Only fucking sundowners, predators, and war criminals seem to make it to office

  55. This guy had a few simple things to ensure his place in history as the best. Codify Roe vs Wade, erase student debt. He literally could’ve done that day #1 and done absolutely nothing the remainder of his Presidency and he’d still be ahead.

  56. Ok I'll bite. How does a president "codify" Roe without a bill sitting on his desk that has passed both houses of Congress?

  57. He doesn't have a magic wand that makes laws appear on his desk to sign; Congress has to pass them. Go watch "I'm just a Bill" again

  58. What a strange attack. Biden was counting on Americans to deliver a decidedly Dem Congress. He would, if he had the votes to do it. The American people elected this congress. It’s up to us to change that congress if we want anything.

  59. He tried. There's not much a president can do to make laws without Congress and Joe Manchin wasn't having it.

  60. Aim some of that wrath at Obama. The dems had the house and senate when he came into office. They did fuck all with that power because they wanted to keep abortion as a fund raising issue rather than resolve it.

  61. remember reading about how an entire police force in texas established a safe perimeter that allowed a school shooter to kill kids uninterrupted for 70+ minutes while they beat up and arrested the grieving parents trying to stop it?

  62. Obama, Biden, etc., etc., they’ll all say whatever they have to in order to get elected. At the end of the day they are politicians — inherently untrustworthy.

  63. Thank the religious fruitcakes who trump got in who said they’d never over turn what previous SCOTUS maDe law.

  64. A politician lied to your face and stole your money and your vote. What's new? I bet he'll be sleeping like a baby too

  65. Gotta love our political system. Democrats tell you they are gonna do great things but don't deliver. Republicans tell you they are gonna do stupid stuff and that you should just like it. That's your only 2 choices.

  66. OP is a disingenuous a**hole if not worse. Making this Biden's fault is just the worst type of bullshit anyone could say in this moment.

  67. Stop believing empty promises of politicians. They don't care about us, our beliefs, or our problems they just seek to further enrich themselves and their friends while they keep us distracted and pitted against eachother.

  68. Lol seriously how long will it take Americans to learn that they live under the dictatorship of the owning class and they have no democracy and their society is kept afloat by lies

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