Why is everyone picking lucian now?

  1. With all kind of sustain being nerfed (removing ravenous hunter) that was a huge hit for non standards adc such as jhin, kaisa, galeforce with more cd, adcs that can inflict a considerable damage in early game like lucian or ashe are rising up

  2. I mean Lucian damage never falls off it’s just he’s too short ranged late game to play comfortably. Rn tho he’s able to bully all of the ADCs in the current meta

  3. That’s cap, he can be played with almost any support right now, may not be the best but lane bully can win the game if piloted well

  4. Lucian is still not that great he just got a bit better with ADC sustain nerfs and the passive buff from b4. Everyone else is also getting nerfed.

  5. Lucian feels like the best snowballing ADC right now personally. Frankly, with Kraken Slayer his damage doesn’t fall off much and I personally take Transcendence and Gathering storm as secondary runes which make him feel strong even in long games at a slight cost to early game power.

  6. Because of the aery lethality build that makes her into a lane bully who takes a third of your HP bar with a QE combo. I've tried the build and it definitely feels stronger than full crit, but I still prefer running crithality (standard crit runepage and Eclipse zerkers Collector LDR IE).

  7. In all seriousness it’s the only pick that I feel like I can actually determine how my lane goes. Don’t get me wrong, there’s tons of ADs that are good right now, but I swear to god my jungles think bot is top and never comes. Better to have a winning lane when you get no assistance from your team.

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