Feeling like shit after reading some best-voted posts here… What are ACTUALLY realistic expectations from medication?

  1. I study psych, but I want to emphasize that what I'm gonna say is mostly just theorizing. Take it with a grain of salt like all internet voices.

  2. You’re so kind you’re making me tear up. I sound like an idiot now but… I just remembered I’m PMSing and I have pretty bad PMDD (pre-menstrual depression) that just sneaked up on me again. Goddamit! It’s wild how I ALWAYS forget how it sends me right in the abyss in a matter of couple of days and then a week later I’m completely fine. And I ALWAYS do this same thing where I get really emotional and absolutely forget everything else that exists except the anguish of the moment. So yes you’re right about the depression even though it’s momentary and hormonal and outside of this time of the month things are different.

  3. Because of the delivery mechanism, Concerta only works for me if I take it on an empty stomach in the morning with a glass of water, then eat breakfast in the next 20-40 minutes (not sooner or later). Then it works like a charm.

  4. Everyone reacts to medication differently, and different meds are going to affect you differently (for me, Ritalin made me extremely nauseous, but Vyvanse I have zero side effects). So if you trust your doctor, I don’t think asking about different meds will make you sound “suspicious”—they’re all different, so it’s absolutely fair to wonder if a different medication might affect you differently and wanting to see if it makes a difference for you.

  5. If you are getting relief, that's fine. You don't have to feel any of the things these people talk about. I never have and I am very much on guard because I don't want to fall into an addiction by accident. I take 30mg if vyvanse. I do prefer it to Concerta cause the latter made me a bit anxious during the come down periods. Adderall made me irritable and I could sense physical dependence since I quit taking it.

  6. Thank you, this was a very helpful comment. When it comes to the self awareness thing, I’ve been thinking that it might play a part in my own assesment of Concerta too. There’s probably effects I don’t notice, or I pay too much attention to the obvious physically calming effects rather than the effects on inattentiveness which might be more subtle and abstract and difficult to grasp.

  7. I’ve had a similar experience with the positive posts here. I was so excited to start medication and had relatively high expectations.

  8. I have noticed that a bulk of the posts I’ve seen about extreme changes are during the first or second day of treatment. Obviously I don’t want to invalidate people experiences, but I do think it is safe to say that a lot of them are influenced by the euphoric high you get before your body has acclimatized to your medication (especially amphetamines I’ve found). I’ve found for myself that when I am going through that period, I start to believe that all my problems are solved and I’ve figured everything out. Side note: I am not trying to frustrate anyone or anything by comparing amphetamines to meth (I hate it too), but when one gets high on meth they experience feelings of overconfidence, believing their superhuman etc, which some call the “meth lie”. Due to amphetamine’s chemical similarity to meth, I wonder if some of these “first day” posts may be slightly tainted by a similar, less intense side effect.

  9. Hi. I am one of those people that describes my new meds (adderall) as a magic pill/life changing. F(46). That being said, I would not call it euphoric at all. My executive dysfunction was so bad that taking something that made me productive at work is just life changing. I can focus so much better instead of starting off into space not doing simple tasks that I need to get done.

  10. I had a similar experience. Started on Ritalin and it was awful for me, made me irritable, crashed hard, and didn’t feel therapeutic at all. Switched to Vyvanse and it was a big difference. Took a bit to dial in the dose, and it still only lasts me 6 hours instead of the 10 I’d like, but it was a big difference.

  11. I'm currently titrating Vyvanse (so I have personal experience to speak to yet), but my psychiatrist explained that the way to find the right dose was to keep going up 10mg each week until you go too far (get bad symptoms). The right dose is the one below 'too far'.

  12. I wanted to ask, you know how some people take a ritalin booster in the afternoon when they're on Concerta, can you do that if you're on Lisdexamfetamine because that's not the same as methylphenidate (which ritalin and concerts both are).

  13. For me it’s not high, it’s just noticing that I have control over executive functions. To me that’s the most amazing thing. Especially the first time, to be able to do the things that I’ve always wanted to be able to but could never pull off. Like listen to people when they talk to me. Really listen! It was a very emotional experience for me. Now that I’ve gotten more used to it I’m not as surprised by that. But I’m very happy for what it allows me to do. My only complaint is that I wish it lasted longer. I take vyvanse and it doesn’t last 14 hours for me, more like 9-10. I don’t experience irritability or anything like that, more like disappointment that I can’t concentrate the same when it’s not working because I have things in the evening I would like to get done but fall back in to my old lazy self. I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, I’m grateful for what this does. Getting treatment has been a life-changing thing for me.

  14. For me adderall makes me - 20% more responsible and better at my job and keeping my apartment clean, and I eat wayyyy healthier because I am less hungry and impulsive (if all food tastes gross, I might as well eat a salad) In exchange for that 20% I am also- Sweaty. Thirsty. Pee every 5 fucking minutes. I have been on it for 10 years ish and it slowly changed my life. The more I felt motivated to do shit, the better I got at doing shit. I still struggle sometimes, but i am not at risk of being fired for being late, my clothes are folded, and my sink is usually empty.

  15. It’s so great to hear the experience of someone who’s been on it for a long time. Very helpful to get some long-term perspective, thank you! I’m happy that it has helped you, 20% might not be very dramatic but it is much better than nothing!

  16. Hey man if it makes you feel better I never had that high stuff, or clarity or whatever! Like you, executive dysfunction is more soul crushing than anything, but I found on meds it’s manageable. My room is finally clean for more than two days for the first time in my life. I can clean up my crafts when I’m done for the night (well… not completely. It’s more than I previously could do). I’m not 100%. I still avoid school work and can’t bring myself to sit down and do it but holistically I’m doing better. It’s just with us folks that didn’t have a magical experience, well there’s just nothing to post about? I have meds and now it’s easier to keep my house a bit more in order? It’s not very click-able. Brains are weird and react to meds differently, so please don’t feel disheartened.

  17. Having same issue. Just started with concerta 18 mg and feeling no change and no side effects either. Very likely dosage will be increased during next appointment.

  18. Same here. Worked for 4 days, stopped working. Same meds, same dose. Waiting impatiently for my doc to answer my request of a higher dose. Stay strong! Things will improve!

  19. Everyone is going to react differently to meds, I agree with the previous poster who said as long as there are improvements, it's a positive. I definitely can relate to you though. I started on concerta but I had to stop because of the anxiety and thoughts of sh/Sui that it increased. Dr. Switched me to Strattera which I'd wanted to try anyway since I was a bit wary of stimulants, but reading about other people's experiences kinda makes me wanna try them again, possibly Vyvanse. I have to take the generic brands tho bc of my insurance.

  20. Omg the tab adventures… I had over 700 tabs open on my phone a while ago (before meds) and I’m not exaggerating one bit. On my laptop I couldn’t be as excessive because it would always crash at some point lol. But I just kept clicking on to new things with such excitement and then of course I never read them fully so I left them open, waiting for the magical day when I would come and back and have the focus to finish what I was doing on that tab. Obviously, the day never came, but I’m definitely going less on those mad tab adventures.

  21. I didn’t have any dramatic shifts when I started meds. I was better able to redirect my thinking/not get distracted by tangents but it would still happen- it was just easier to do once I noticed it happened. The medication makes all my non-med coping mechanisms easier to use, so I’m still using everything I did before to help, it’s just running more smoothly. I still need them to be successful and function, meds wouldn’t do much good without them tbh.

  22. Honestly, same. I had such high hopes reading about peoples medication experiences on here. I was prescribed meds (Adderall) 3 weeks ago and it’s been horrible. 0% improvement in adhd symptoms and I’m even more tired, slow and unmotivated. Don’t even know what to do or think now.

  23. The only time I’ve experienced anything like the ‘I got a ton of stuff done with my meds’ was my first day or so on Vyvanse. It was my first stimulant ever. But I had just given up caffeine and was on an SSRI that was making my executive function the worst it’s ever been in my life. Because of those circumstances, the difference between ‘non-stim-med’ me and ‘stim-med’ me was extremely drastic. That being said, once I got off the SSRI, my body got accustomed to not having caffeine, and got used to having stim meds, I haven’t gotten that experience again. Getting myself to do things still takes a lot of effort, albeit a lot less effort (and anxiety) than without meds.

  24. I have felt similarly about posts like the ones you are describing. They simply don't line up with my experience either! I am on Concerta 54mg too. Here are a couple of things I have noticed:

  25. I (F36) diagnosed at around the same time as you. Medication has changed my perception of time drastically. I have said frequently, 'have there always been this many hours in a day?' I got a bump in my memory and working memory but, alas, it's not enough for my demanding job. I cried (a lot) yesterday when the optimistic bubble burst. The 'silver lining' (perhaps a bit of an overstatement) is that this experience seems quite common. Like everything worth doing in life, it's hard and complicated.

  26. I can only speak to my personal experience with the one type of medication I've tried. But generally, while Adderall has been life changing and positive, it doesn't have quite the dramatic effect on me that I've seen others describe.

  27. I totally feel you! Before I started my meds, I was reading through the threads and seeing the overwhelming response people had to them, made me excited about this magical solution that would fix my life.

  28. I’m guilty of stating I got euphoric, high energy, and the clear headed-ness starting on 30mg of Vyvanse, and I apologize since I know meds work different for everyone. It wasn’t until a few days in that the euphoria feeling dwindled. It still gives me enough energy to get through the day and to focus on stuff, but realized I still needed to try hard to get myself started on something to focus on. But it wasn’t like a hyper energy either, more of I just didn’t feel tired and distracted during work. However, I will say it has helped me reduce my negative intrusive thoughts. I didn’t take it yesterday or today, and today some of those negative thoughts showed up again…

  29. That’s an interesting point because apparently this post has come across as two opposite ways to different people: to some it shows a lack of motivation and energy, and to some, like yourself, the complete opposite.

  30. Woth the right dosage and good habits, 3-4h a day of real, mentally demanding , quality work. Also an improvement in mood and weight loss. You should be able to graduate college and hold down a decent job.

  31. I would like to chime in and agree on what I felt was an unpopular opinion. This sub used to be very helpful in discussing management techniques but I feel that some posts I've read recently are very much a celebration of a high, and often sound to me to a rather neurotypical person enjoying amphetamines. I don't mention anything because I don't want to gatekeep anyone's experience, but it's a little odd when everyone I know (seriously, like all my friends) goes and tells their doctor they have trouble focusing and get Adderall. I know these people pre medication and watch them absolutely crush their studies, make very good grades and generally manage life very functionally, and then tell their doctor they feel like they have ADHD because they can't get off Instagram. Again, I don't gatekeep or say anything, but it makes me feel like I'm full of shit struggling through basic brain function and unable to find a medication without horrific side affects and it seems to me my friends are unknowingly getting high so they can study just that little bit harder.

  32. Ritalin gives me the option to make a choice. It has been very hard to get back in the state-of-mind of having that choice, but it's possible.

  33. I took Concerta when I was first diagnosed. My GP also had me on Lexapro and demanded I take it before she gave me a referral to a specialist. So, my experience with Concerta was shadowed by the horrific experience I had with Lexapro. I didn't notice anything special with Concerta. Lexapro knocked me out and made me feel like I was going crazy. I journaled my experience because I felt like I was gaslighting myself. It was a very distressing time.

  34. Only read half because I already got it. I’m the same, Concerta worked so well in the beginning but it’s lost it’s edge, I’m still forgetful af and executive functioning is down.

  35. I feel ya. I’m on Adderall. My brain is quieter, and I can concentrate better, but executive dysfunction hasn’t improved very much, if at all, and that’s the main thing that’s made me miserable. I’m on a low dose, so I’m going to mention going higher or maybe changing medication. But idk. I gotta do something…

  36. Don’t worry! An relief and signs of positive progression are good and worth being thankful for. I was depressed and had adhd but it took playing with medications and daily journaling to do dally find a combo of medicine that worked for me.

  37. Admittedly, I only read like 2 paragraphs of your post, but I’m basically on the same page. Was diagnosed as a kid and took meds through highschool and then stopped. I’m now like 1.5 years into trying meds again as an adult. Have been through numerous doses of many different meds and kind of don’t really feel anything on them. The only thing I for sure noticed were the negative side effects of strattera. Currently on generic concerta; like I said, don’t really feel anything. I seriously can not even tell if I’ve taken my meds most days.

  38. Just spitballing with this one but I've seen a lot of people recommend cognitive behavioral therapy too help with things the meds aren't addressing well. If you aren't already then maybe that might help some. Maybe it could help lower dosages.

  39. 40(f), 135lb. I'm not high, energetic or bouncing off the walls on my 50mg of Vyvanse. I was on 36mg Concerta before. Nothing feels quite like the first day but here's what's improved for me since I think we've got my dosage right:

  40. In my own experience, I had a major change with the very first medication but since that have not found the same benefit. My doctor is slowly increasing dose and adjusting medications/timing to get to the lowest effective dose. That takes longer, and change over time is less noticeable. Feel like my mine is less hectic, but it's not the initial stark difference. I still have a lot of symptoms and cannot do things even that I like doing.

  41. Apart from the fact that I still deal with massive attacks of rage, you’ve pretty much described my life. On Elvanse I manage better at work due to a slightly elevated clarity which allows me to plan and prioritize a bit better than before. That’s about it. Oh, and on really good (and rare) days I even get one or two administrative things sorted out or get some task done around the house. - But apart from that my life still seems like a constant chase trying to catch up. I hardly ever have time for the things I want to do, only the things I have to do. Party because I throw away hours on end reading about obscure topics online, having hypothetical conversations in my head (or, well infact sometimes out loud because I think better that way) or just having fun inside my head (probably my brains way of compensating for the massive boredom, general dissatisfaction, overwhelm and frustration I feel in my life). I was on Concerta for a while shortly after being diagnosed expecting a great change for the better. - Only to reach max dose with no effect what so ever. My psychiatrist then explained to me that about 20 percent of people have no response to methylphenidate. I switched to Elvanse feeling somewhat less optimistic, and at first I mostly noticed feeling sleepy. - And next, that the promised 12 -14 hours effectiveness was greatly overrated in my case. Again my psychiatrist was helpful and told me that both feeling tired as well as not experiencing a full 12 hours of improved executive function are pretty normal when an ADHD’er takes Elvanse, I now start my day with 40 mg and later I take another 30 mg which give me the effect I’ve mentioned. I’ve also been prescribed Lamectal to help even out the lack of emotional control that - combined with impulsiveness - has caused me to full on explode with anger on an almost daily basis throughout my life. It’s great that some people experience a massive improvement on meds, however, I would have liked to read a post like yours when I first got diagnosed. That may well have helped me worry less, because I, too, felt pretty discouraged every time yet another “OMG, is life like this for everyone else all the time?”/“I feel like the world has been blurry but now I have glasses!” -story showed up on my screen. Some of us seem to just have a lower response to ADHD medication, and that should probably be mentioned more often so that newly diagnosed ADHD people are allowed a more realistic idea of the spectre of possible effectiveness of ADHD medications. I’m glad you wrote this post.

  42. Are you me?? Your description sounds very familiar, especially the reading obscure things online and having conversations in your head (or out loud, I do that too!) or just having fun in your head. I think it’s like you said, it’s a coping mechanism, and that’s maybe why medication doesn’t have a lot of effect on it, because it has become a way to cope with ADHD and the dissatisfaction and disappointments it has brought with it.

  43. ADHD is associated with many genes and is clinically quite heterogenous, and many subdivide ADHD by severity, type (Innatentie/Combined/Hyperactive) and possibly also by chief complaints (like emotional dysregulation) and comorbidities.

  44. What you described feeling when taking adderall shows you something; it doesn’t affect people with adhd the same as it does other people. I remember my ex with adhd used to drink coffee and go straight to sleep, something I could never do in a million years. Your brain chemistry is different so medication affects you differently. It’s not just the “high” that other people get.

  45. I think feeling calm and relaxed is exactly what you should be feeling on stimulants, it means it’s working and you’re dose is doing something good for you. The muscle tension is really common too from what I know, I had jaw, neck and upper back tension a lot when I started my meds but it’s been getting better. My jaw and neck were so tense I was actually getting tinnitus because of it! Exercise and stretching those areas might help, and if you can get regular massages that would be great. Good luck!

  46. I’m so glad that this made you feel like you’re not entirely alone in this. There is some good advice and resources in the comments on how to track and observe effects of medication if you haven’t done it yet, just to make sure that your ADHD isn’t actually making you to not notice it. I think it’s worth giving those tips a try before giving up completely!

  47. If your getting high of adhd meds then I propose they don’t have adhd, I too tried amphetamines recreationally before I was diagnosed. and while my friends where wired, I wasn’t, I was calm and focused, I was diagnosed combined type, I’m now 51m so the hyper part is long gone from my body but still there inside my head, I’m mostly inattentive now, my meds have made me calmer mentally, more motivated, and I can listen to more conversations now without drifting, but most of all the biggest effect was depression and anxiety went almost right away, so for me it wasn’t a cure all for me but massive improvements, I’ll take that all day long, good luck 👍🏻

  48. I have taken a therapeutic dose of adderall and it helped my adhd, and before I knew better I took a recreational dose and got high.

  49. I haven’t seen anyone mentioning it but this post kind of reads as critical to us that have found how medication to be “life-chagingly” effective. You refer to people as deluded for celebrating someone success and describe it as celebrating getting high. I feel like this is the exact thing people with ADHD shouldn’t be saying to each other. I know a lot of us have had to deal with people assuming we were only wanting diagnoses to get high. Ultimately, it just feels very belittling and sounds like the same old thing when we should be on a thread that is a support system in a way.

  50. My meds barely work at all when I’m PMSing. Better after I got my IUD taken out though (definitely had PMDD with that). I suspect the difference you’re noticing is because Concerta isn’t a stimulant. It works very differently than almost all other ADHD meds.

  51. I get it. Based on posts I had read here and other subreddits plus other information I had found online, I expected a drastic change to occur. My life has been nothing short of a train wreck and ADHD has affected every aspect of it.

  52. Changing meds helped me, but it depends. I switched from a small amount of concerta, to adzenys since it was making me feel depressed. The calm is from not feeling overwhelmed, not constantly having thoughts racing in your head.

  53. Have you tried excercising? Just trying to move your body a little bit helps me . Moves the blood and body and makes my body feel less lethargic so when I have to do things its easier

  54. Yeah, medication for me has been nothing like other peoples experiences that I’ve read. Concerta made me feel foggy and scattered, vyvanse is a bit better but I don’t feel that much different….. like I compulsively binge eat sslightly less and I can grocery shop for more than one day at a time now, but those are the only changes I’ve noticed

  55. Try different meds. Ritalin and tentin are known for being very good. Ritalin didn't work on me so I have tentin

  56. Mine was like night and day the same day I took them. I cried that evening just not believing it could be like that.

  57. Hi! Also F33 here! I was diagnosed at 27, tried meds, and couldn’t take the side effects and not sleeping so quit after less than a month.

  58. I'm F26 diagnosed as ADHD-PI with a little bit of hyperactivity, not enough to be diagnosed as ADHD-HI or ADHD-C.

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