Just defended my masters thesis!

  1. As a person who dropped out of college decades ago due to the endless frustrating curse of inattentive ADHD, this gives me so much hope. Congratulations, thrilled for you!

  2. Thank you! From one drop out to another - you can do anything you set your mind to! Your path will definitely look different than other peoples but dammit you can still walk it. I had to enter my masters on a probationary status because my bachelors gpa was not great (when I was undiagnosed, unmedicated, younger, and clueless about adhd). Now i have nearly 4.0 gpa and I feel really good about the work I’ve done, even if it took me a million years to figure things out. Never lose hope in yourself! Adhd peeps are battling a whole school system that just wasn’t made for them - it can be a real struggle sometimes, especially without the right “toolbox”

  3. I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 48. Suffered depression and anxiety as long as I can remember. I have been studying for 4 years so far - only medicated since March this year - and have a diploma of community services and a diploma of counselling. 2 weeks ago, I finished a 3 yr bachelor of psychological sciences and sociology (majoring in criminology and abnormal psychology) and I'm starting my masters of psychotherapy and counselling in February. There is hope, it can definitely be done. Don't give up hope, you're not past it yet :)

  4. Congratulations! The struggle is real and you’ve overcome it. I have dropped out of college so many times, my transcript reads like a telephone book. But I just submitted my capstone project to complete my bachelors degree tonight. A much smaller accomplishment than yours, especially considering my age, but again congratulations for pulling all that together and coming out on top!

  5. Congrats on your capstone!!!!!! You’re gonna have a bachelors!!!! Listen, real talk: if you can do your capstone, you can do a masters if you wanted to. My masters was way easier than my bachelors. The classes are easier if it’s a subject you actually like (because you like them) and a thesis basically feels like a slightly juiced up capstone. It’s a capstone with difficulty sprinkles. And if you don’t want to, you don’t have to because dammit you got your bachelors degree and that’s a huge accomplishment!

  6. I'm hoping to be you in a couple years- thanks for the boost! Way to go! I'd love to hear what your thesis is about

  7. You can totally do it! I got much better at school once I figured out how to adhere to a regular schedule, and also pacing myself. I can’t study like other students - I gotta do it ten mins at a time then take a break. Also asking for test accommodations (quiet room, testing solo) helped a LOT

  8. As someone in similar shoes currently in school for his master's who only got a GED originally for similar reasons, fuck yeah. You did it! You showed us all that we can do it, we can push through the nightmare and come out on top. This is amazing!

  9. I swear, stories of GED to higher education degrees are almost always ADHD people. To me that says that public school systems just don’t work well for us. It also says that high school isn’t as needed as everyone thinks. When they want to learn something, adult ADHD folks will find a way lol

  10. Currently 1/4 into a biochem degree. Ipad pro and magic pencil with a laptop combination is great for online lectures and note taking. You are able to change the colors of in microsoft onenote and cloud save all your notes to all devices :)

  11. This is very motivating! Thanks for sharing your story. I'm thinking of applying to a Master's program for September and the deadline to apply is Feb 1st. Today I just asked a 2nd person to be a reference for me and I feel nauseous just thinking about applying, let alone going through the program. I'm 45. It took me 10 years to finish my undergrad. I'm undiagnosed, but had so many "oh, that's me" moments in getting my children diagnosed. Anyway your story comes at the right time as I think "am I kidding myself here?" Now I'm thinking "well maybe I can do it" so thank you.

  12. You can totally do it! Go for it. Worst that can happen is it doesn’t work for you and you can leave. Best case scenario, you get that degree!!!

  13. Using halophytes and natural soil amendments to remediate salt affected roadside soils to reduce salt pollution in water

  14. Amazing, congrats!! I defend next semester, I can imagine you've got a huge weight off your shoulders now ☺️

  15. This is awesome. You’re awesome. [Lego Movie theme song just came to mind]. Congrats to you and sincerely, thank you for sharing. Very encouraging.

  16. Congrats! This is amazing! I was halfway through my bio informatics masters with a thesis that involved botanical genetics data when I had to drop out and this gives me a lot of hope. One of my mentors did a lot of work with halophytes and other hardy plants to amend crop species in response to climate change stress, they're so freaking interesting! Would love to read your work!

  17. Hey thanks for your post. Im starting a bachelor degree at 25yo in econ and math while going back on med. It is a huge comeback for me since i finished highschool with bad grades a barely passed math at the time.

  18. This is awesome!!! You’re gonna do great. Just remember to accept yourself and do whatever works for you even if it doesn’t look like things that work for others. Go at your own pace. You’re gonna do so good!

  19. Just read this out loud to my gf and we salute you my good fellow human ! Congrats ! I hope to do this some day. What was your subject matter ?

  20. Phytoremediation! My project is about using halophytes plants and soil amendments to remediate salt pollution in roadside soils before it leaches into water systems. I love botany, I hate working with people, and I’m passionate about environment science and conservation so it was a good mix for me.

  21. I just finished my masters too!! It's crazy how much easier it was this time around with a consistent schedule, meds and those precious adult years (discipline from my first adult job is what I think really helped me this time around).

  22. Hell yeah, congrats! My gpa was about 2.7 in undergrad. Not so good! Masters was way easier and more interesting than my bachelors. And yeah being older and having more learned self discipline skills really helped a lot. I simply couldn’t have done this ten years ago with the toolbox I had then.

  23. I'm being dropped from my program because I failed a course. I'm out for a year before I can come back. Hopefully I'll be able to have a similar success story. Congrats!

  24. I am currently not doing well in university and it is devastating me. High school had the perfect schedule for me to thrive but with online uni and the structure, it is not for me. Thank you for this post, it gives me hope that if I take a break to focus on myself, I can come back and thrive again.

  25. Happy for you! Thanks for sharing. I’m still taking classes after getting my bachelor’s with a low gpa two years ago. I feel so stagnant in life right now working a minimum wage job still unsure if I could get into grad school. I haven’t done much therapy due to several reasons, but I sure will very soon. This gives me hope ☺️

  26. Look into going for grad school on a probationary status. It’s a nice back did for those of us who struggled in undergrad

  27. Huzzah! I do the same thing with writing papers. I had to explain it once cause I almost got hit for plagiarism. To make a functioning paper, I have to keep a working file with all my marking methods, notes, and such intact while I actually piece everything together a few pages below in the same document. (I even went so far as to learn how to program each clump of formatting into a hotkey to switch faster.) When it's done, I copy/paste the finished work into a new document and change all the formatting at once across the whole paper.

  28. Oh man this is so similar to me. I call my drafts “Frankenstein papers” because they look like absolute chaos until…..suddenly they don’t. Going through the draft really fast looks like a big, crazy, crooked rainbow clusterfuck 😅

  29. What did they teach you in therapy? Im going through therapy and I’m mostly just learning to accept myself

  30. How to regulate and navigate emotions, how to deal with anxiety, how to accept that I learn and function differently than others, and managing other stuff that comes with having an adhd life like depression. Also helping me build a more disciplined routine and make it stick. I also have Tourette’s and ptsd so therapy was beneficial for me: cbt for Tourette’s to help me manage my tics enough to do presentations without looking like a jackass, and emdr and talk therapy for ptsd issues that made my other issues worse.

  31. Woa woa friend you can't be taking benadryl regularly for sleep. That shit will fucking put you in a grave well before you retire. Occasional use only. Like not multiple times a month.

  32. Good job!! I'm currently doing a bachelor and apparently in my country i need to graduate with a certain grade minimum if i ever want to do a master's, which i do want to. But i barely pass all my theoretical courses, and it sucks. I hope to get a master's too some day.

  33. Congratulations! I will be starting my Master's thesis in January, can't wait to only have the one thing to try to focus on instead of several projects and deadlines and exams sprinkled all over...

  34. That's really awesome and inspiring! Congratulations! I have a Masters in Library Science, but that didn't require a Thesis (we had a comprehensive exam). I tried to get a Masters in English Literature at the same time (there was a combined program and my institution that knocked off a few credits from both), but I failed to get organized enough to write papers regularly, and eventually dropped out after a couple semesters. I always regretted it, and I wonder if I would've been able to complete that degree if I was medicated.

  35. Be careful using Benadryl for sleep. I did that and I got used to the med, so it stopped working for me. Now I can't fall asleep with Benadryl, so I take it in the mornings. Congrats on the master's degree! I am getting my associate's degree and then a bachelor's. I don't want a master's degree because of debt.

  36. It feels good to know this. Congratulations! I'm halfway into my own masters right now and I've felt hopeless from the start. So reading this gives me some hope that I can get through this. Thank you for sharing your success!

  37. That's awesome and congratulations on all your efforts. I was diagnosed ADHD at the age of 8. It was horrible, i always wondered why I wasn't like the rest. I always had to work twice as hard and nothing was ever handed to me.

  38. Yes! Regular schedule (I do better working full time and going to school then I did with just school because the predictable schedule helps me function), not feeling bad about how differently I need to study and instead just accepting it (ten mins studying, take a break - rinse and repeat, take advantage of hyperfocus sessions as they come), asking for testing accommodations (quiet room, taking test alone), and lots of Benadryl to help my constant insomnia issues.

  39. As someone who's about to start writing a thesis this is such a relief to hear! Congratulations!

  40. I’m on Zoloft for depression, and initially it helped with my ADHD, but now I’m thinking of switching to Wellbutruin for more management of my ADHD

  41. Congratulations! Can you expand on how working and making your schedule more rigid helped? I would think that would cause more stress/anxiety, do you have any advice on how you dealt with it?

  42. I am also writing my master thesis at the moment and I have ADHD too. Congrats man you did it!! I also work in short bursts and need to have a lot on my schedule to not lose focus. If I have too much time I just procrastinate.. I use ritalin for medication as it only lasts for about 4h.

  43. From someone who has had similar problems/battles with school, a huge, heartfelt congratulations! 👏 👏 👏

  44. Wellbrutin is better than methylphenidate? I was taking methylphenidate for adhd and citalopram for anxiety a few months ago. I was starting to make progress in my studies and even one of my professors (who didn’t know I was taking the medications) told me I made incredible progress in the way I do my projects. I was finishing my undergraduate studies and manage to near my gpa to 3 so I can have a chance to continue to my masters. But in the summer, I started experiencing a lot of anxiety and I decided to stop. Is buspirone efficient?

  45. You rock! Congrats. Also thanks for the insight about a rigid schedule being better for you. That’s a good way for me to think about it too. Very helpful. Thanks

  46. As someone who dropped out of college and now pays people to do college paper things, good luck getting bored working and starting a business! Use your brain to your advantage!

  47. I just flunked a Post Grad Dip because I couldn't use meds during the study period because I had a pending sec clearance (required med history).

  48. Cried reading this. I'm so proud of you. I've just withdrawn from an entire term after pretty much failing the last two due to a horrible year studying online and honestly I'd almost lost complete faith in myself. But recently started medication and therapy, and now I know I could do better and I'm so excited for it.

  49. I'm proud of u!!! I'm masters student and I try to finish my thesis, I'm undiagnosis, it's been two weeks I understand all these years I have symptoms and nobody noticed them, all said I'm lazy or I don't try hard. Lately I struggle too much. I'm happy saw a post like this.

  50. Suoer proud of you! i joined masters this sem, unable to study and unable to keep up!. Any specific tips that might help?

  51. Some good news for once. Congrats! How did you develop these coping mechanisms overtime and still push yourself even through the failure?

  52. How’d you get into grad school? I’ll be completing a bachelors in biology in a couple years and I’ve always wanted to go to grad school, but my gpa is also pretty “meh”

  53. I’m a staff member at the university and get tuition benefits for 6 credits a semester. I entered my program on a probationary basis for my first 12 credit hours and ended up doing really well!

  54. Im glad you were able to do this but I’m sorry you had to. I’m avoiding any masters that requires a thesis haha. Btw I understand being older I’m taking a grad course right now and I’m the oldest one and I’m only 27.

  55. This gave me hope my gpa during college was definitely meh because I didn’t get diagnosed until the second semester of my 4th year and finally pulled everything together to graduate the next year. I wanna go back but I’ve been scared and anxious about it

  56. HOLY SHIT! So happy for you 🥳! This has totally encouraged me to get diagnosed/medicated. Also, what did you get your Masters in??

  57. I needed this today. I’m almost halfway through with my masters and I’m struggling so hard this semester especially. I have too much and yet nothing at all in my brain. I have been desperately waiting for the finals panic to set in. Seeing someone else’s success story is giving me hope that this isn’t futile.

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