Hi ADHD friends! What is your current hyperfixation? What is a random topic you could talk about for hours?

  1. Same, but diagnosed at almost 27 lol. I swear I’m a sponge and soaking up any bit of ADHD knowledge I can. It has become a hyper fixation for sure.

  2. I’m envious. Just got diagnosed and medicated now in my late forties. Took a long time to get my act together and even get this far. Learning more about adhd is the thing my brain absolutely does not want to do. I even tried audio books. No joy. Best I can do is check in on this sub and hope the post is short and to the point.

  3. I did this last year! My family and friends were all excited to help and I was just like "oh, sorry, it's done" after a week. What will yours look like?

  4. Omg congrats!!! And great for you on getting everything done. I feel like i will end up needing a wedding planner. My partner and I have been together for a long time. We’re pretty much married in every aspect except on paper (house, cars, fur baby, etc). I’ve been dropping hints a lot lately, but I kind of have a feeling he might pop the question next month.

  5. i used to live in a tiny home! it was great while it lasted :-) there’s so much cool news about building tiny homes to fight housing shortages, I think it’s awesome and innovative

  6. Do you think that somebody with ADHD would be more inclined to live in a tiny home because it would probably have to be organized, there is less clutter hanging about so then less things to distract them?

  7. Not necessarily talking about it for hours, but I have a current hyperfixation on houseplants and gardening. It started with a couple succulents and now all this spring stuff is popping up in the garden centers. I forget what I am in the store for when I see the pretty plants🤦‍♀️. I went to a nursery for mothers day and now have 4 new bathroom plants lol. We have a winery nursery place close to me... dangerous.😖 Ohh and now I decided I'm a mutha fuckin farmer with my strawberry starts😂

  8. I was similar once. Then I forgot about the succulents and the ivy on my desk and now they're dead because I haven't watered them. Not even a succulent could survive long enough in my care after a few weeks.

  9. Skateboarding. Always wanted to get 'good' as a kid. Bought a board when I moved abroad to a big city 7 years ago. Started getting into it over the past year or so during the pandemic. Now it's all I do - watch skate videos, go skating, read up on tricks and gear. The exercise has helped with the depression and mood in general and my stamina is increasing. Hoping I don't loose interest as I'm really enjoying it.

  10. Stick with it. Get injured. Get back on the board. It’s been a fixation for me since the 90’s so ama. Also, I like to visit

  11. Okay but I literally love this topic too. Haven’t really dove into it since high school, but I got the chance to see Lucy a few years ago.

  12. the tv show heartstopper and piercing/ear stretching stuff. I j started stretching my ears and I’m IMPATIENT… I have a bunch of exams next week that I haven’t prepared for but these topics are so much more interesting that my brain is simply not cooperating so I’m not letting myself read the heartstopper comics until I’m done, which is in a while😭

  13. You got this! I finished my finals last week. I find that doing split screen on my monitor with a show and study materials helps me study, but I can also look over for a second and get my lil boost of a dopamine.

  14. Ahh I haven’t watched the Netflix show yet but I chewed through all of the webcomic in about three days oops

  15. okay, but why is this exactly me?? i've only just watched heartstopper and i'm rewatching it again but i have big exams for the next couple of months so i'm going to borrow the comics after they're finished 😭😂

  16. What card are you most proud of? I’m a long time Pokémon card collector, but I know nothing about magic :(

  17. I had a professor in college who did card art for MTG, I think I still have one of his cards that I got him to sign...

  18. my current is organizing and planning things using Notion. been feeling both isolated bc the way i tend to neglect everything around me including myself when focused, but also feeling good about it bc ik a way it has been helping me manage some kind of schedule. it could be good if i found a way to healthily go about doing it

  19. Fellow notion user here- I’ve also hyper fixated on notion in the past! I think it’s great for adhd brains because when you have that burst of motivation and interest you can set up all your pages so they basically run themselves and then when you have less energy it’s all set up and ready for you to use!

  20. Also this is an amazing thread. Would be cool to do this monthly if anyone is able to manage that given that we all have ADHD 😂😂

  21. I got obsessed with the same stuff. Finally invested in a L6 Helix. It’s nice having all the options up front, instead of drooling over and throwing money at every different type of pedal/amp I MIGHT use at some point.

  22. I’ve been practicing shibari/self-ties and planning out the next modifications for my project cars! I also recently started learning about planting herbs, flowers and houseplants and started a few little window-sill pots. When typing this out, I realized how insanely different each of these things are but I’ve always been a little all over the place when it comes to hobbies I get fixated on 😂

  23. I used to explain hyperfixation as like being on a carousel to my wife. You get stuck on one thing and it's a struggle to get off until the music stops. Then you change to something else and want nothing more to do with the last fixation until it comes around again. This was before my wife's psychiatrist suggested that she may also have ADD and suddenly she realized all of her "hobbies" were fixations. She has plastic totes filled with wool from the knitting jumper phase, then the knitting blanket phase and then the lid gets put on the box and it gathers dust for a couple of years!

  24. My current hyperfixation is propagating succulents!!! I have a pretty decently sized houseplant collection and I have a couple succulents that are doing really well. Some have dropped some leaves and some need a haircut, so I'm down the rabbit hole of information about best tips and tricks!

  25. I had such a hard time with succulents! I always over watered them. I have a small garden now and I’ve actually kept up with it well this spring.

  26. Lawn care and pulling dandelions. My wife and I finish work, go outside and smoke a joint then pull weeds for a couple of hours. We've resown half the lawn and limed, fertilized and oversown the rest so far.

  27. A symphony I just sang in (I’m a classical music and opera singer). Worked on the music for two months to get ready and even though the world premiere of the symphony is now done I’m still obsessed with it. Can you tell I love music 😂

  28. Productivity! Back on meds and am trying to find the best and most productive ways to do things. Am loving Ali Abdaal’s channel for motivation and help

  29. History is really interesting. I’ve been watching a lot of news reports on the Ukraine crisis right now, it makes me so nervous

  30. Animal crossing new horizons. Minecraft. My time at portia. Stardew valley. Tommyinnit. Wilbur soot. Oh my God I have so many.

  31. Currently PC cases and PC case fans. Been doing research on flow, pressure, price, colours, RGB or non-RGB, sizes, number of fans, air flow paths, etcetera for three days straight.

  32. Plants, I started with 2 2 months ago and now I have I think 40 (some small some big). I am getting a bit overwelmed now because I am afraid I will forget and they all die. Its okay if I make some mistakes but I bought a couple expensive ones aswell and I really hope I will not fuck them up

  33. A terrible one to have right now, but complex ptsd. Unfortunate sufferer and went down the rabbit hole. I can talk about the topic at length without talking about myself anymore.

  34. My hyper fixation for a couple months was: Elder law, Michigan medicaid laws, and special needs trusts. I changed my families modest financial future for the better because of it (yes, I also consulted attorneys). I feel like if I go back to school (which I'm debating) I would do a lot better this time.

  35. My hobby is building custom motorcycles. At the moment I’m consumed by fabricating inverted front suspension based off of a rare set of similar forks produced in the 60s. On Monday I hadn’t done any work by 4pm because I spent the whole day drawing and researching and calling people about the idea.

  36. Aerial silks! I’ve been practicing for almost a year now. I’m at the studio 5 or 6 days a week at this point, and I still think about and research techniques and sequences when I’m at home.

  37. The novels I read, musicals, the topic of my thesis, my cat. Kinda cats in general but I didn’t have time and strength to learn more but I still know a lot compared to regular people.

  38. Ahh… I sold my soul to become a doctor. I learned very quickly cardio wasn’t my thing lol nearly failed that course, but I can read EKGs really well!

  39. So sorry to hear your cat passed away. That leaves a large hole in your home, heart and day. I hope memories of their biscuit making are a comfort.

  40. I am absolutely obsessed with snakes. Learning about their evolution, how to identify them at a glance, and watching herping videos. Love watching those little guys in their natural habitats

  41. My fixation right now is looking into my genes and researching on them. It’s really interesting to see your different traits as well to see things related to adhd in my dna. There’s many free raw dna upload sites so I became fixated since 😭

  42. I don't have anything I'd consider a hyperfixation (it's been several years since my last one), and that makes life incredibly colorless. I have anhedonia due to depression, so that may be the reason. I do spend hours each day browsing this subreddit, but I still see it as more of a procrastination aid than anything.

  43. which one is your favorite? My favorites have to be Tom ford ombré leather & tobacco vanille. I like to do one spray each. They blend together so well. Cost me a pretty penny, but I love em and the bottles have lasted me almost 2 years now.

  44. Freakazoid the 90s cartoon O_O i could write a novel about it and how badly i want a reboot and what it might look like (not very different from how it is already but with a couple alterations [unrolls a comically long list])

  45. Formula One 😅 Got into it last year, now I won't shut up about it...luckily I have mates who are into it that can indulge in my meme sprees 😌

  46. Plants! I'm obsessed and i keep getting new plants even if they're clearly causing space issues in my apt now, but i like learning about the needs of each individual plant 🪴& generally how to help them all not die

  47. Learning guitar. And when I lose interest because I'm not making progress fast enough like all the other times I've attempted learning it, I'm not giving up. I don't care if boredom and frustration hits, or if I find something else that becomes a hyperfixation as well. I don't care. I'm gonna master this and adhd will no longer stop me.

  48. Is it ironic that mine is figuring out if I have ADHD, trying to learn more for my husband who has undiagnosed ADHD, feeling like all the things my mom does make sense (ADHD?) and unlocking why my brother snd I have always had similsr struggles.

  49. Well, I guess think of it like this. If you have a parent with undiagnosed ADHD, they probably wouldn’t recognize the signs you had because… it’s their normal, so no lightbulbs went off.

  50. Was undertale, I could talk about that for a while (both undertale and deltarune) but in the past week not much but I think going back to warhammer

  51. Home renovation. Want to talk about electrical, plumbing, tile setting, flooring particularly luxury vinyl plank, framing, tools, fasteners - I could bore you on all topics. This is one of the most exhausting hyperfocuses I've ever had because it's so scattered. I'm winning though, I'm still on schedule in spite of myself.

  52. I am OBSESSED right now with accumulating credit card points and obtaining and maintaining airline status. don’t ask lmao I love travel

  53. Water coloring painting! Which I'm super happy about because painting is my passion and I lost that passion for a number of years, so this is a nice surprise. :)

  54. Current hyperfixation: currently considering taking up running for the first time in my life so I've been researching that quite a bit.

  55. I’m obsessed with Aliens. And the more research I do the more convinced I am that they are real. And now the government is trickling information… there’s a lot of evidence, and with the creation of world wide surveillance, even more is being found. Some weird shit is going to start popping up in the next 10 years. By 2030 project blue beam may be initiated.

  56. Currently I'm obsessed with bouldering and woodworking, but when it comes to woodworking I don't have enough money to please the hyperfixation.

  57. I try to balance my finances where I can indulge in my obsessions, otherwise I end up getting pretty depressed :/ I know it’s not feasible for everyone though

  58. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty! I’ve started collecting them and I have my own spreadsheet I made to categorize them. I give each one a description, rating, and say what texture, smell or special features they have

  59. Miniature painting, mostly for tabletop games. I almost never play, just collect and paint. I can talk about the subject at length, from quality of model sculpts to techniques to materials... Check out some of my stuff on IG (at)themininomicon!

  60. Gender presentation. Startet painting my nails recently and am trying things out that I was always told arent ‚manly‘ or ‚masculine‘. Still learning a lot, but feeling great and no less of a man :D

  61. I paint my partners nails all the time! People will say what they wanna say, but he doesn’t pay them any mind. Express yourself!

  62. At 28, desiring and planning to get back into motocross/Enduro racing. The last 2 weeks I've just got sucked back into that world, which was pretty much my entire childhood. Constantly on YouTube, watching races, learning to work on my bike which has sat in my garage (mostly) unused since I was 17. Trying to get my little brother to get into it with me, since he didn't ride/race growing up. But he is really interested and wantsa bike after going to the track and riding for the first time last summer. Looking at a couple of events this summer, we will see!

  63. Fidget-friendly micarta pocket knives and crypto. The latter was supposed to be a small, 'fun' experiment...not how it turned out.

  64. Im a long time crypto investor. Im getting 2017 vibes right now. I exited my positions in late April, I’ve been kind of expecting what’s happening right now for a while tbh. I love crypto so much, but unfortunately you can’t claim it as income & employment when applying for loans for cars/houses etc. so every lender rejects me. Luckily I was able to buy a car in cash, but I had hoped to build my credit.

  65. In the last few months it’s been everything and anything related to the band Silverchair. It’s driving my husband insane because I could talk about them for hours.

  66. Haha, fanfiction:D Like as a subculture, how it shows that people put extreme amount of work in something completely with out monetary benefits, the current fanfics I'm reading, how it shows masculinity in a different way, also the dangers of fetishization in fanfiction... I've been obsessed for months

  67. working on an RPG mod pack for Minecraft that DOESN'T change the core gameplay, modding fallout new Vegas to look stupid pretty.

  68. Tattoos and guns. Sounds redneck as shit but that where I’m currently at, but I’m sense my focus shifting to home improvement . Ask me again tomorrow

  69. Cars, WWII, Ukraine, Napoleon, planes, tanks.....these are just the highlights from a flick through my Wikipedia tabs lol

  70. Sailboats and then electric sail boats and then Lithium batteries used in those boats, which obviously led to me trolling the internet trying to find the perfect battery for a small boat. I don't even have a boat.

  71. Multi-modality molecular imaging (my field of study), science communication and individualized science education in a research lab setting, the 20th century history of irregular forces and warfare in WWII, post-WWII, and Vietnam, fiber arts especially the properties of wool and various sheep breeds as it relates to spinning yarn and knit or crochet, reptiles especially skinks and snakes, punk rock, horror movies, whatever video game is my current obsession which happens to be Cozy Grove, and probably something else I'm forgetting right at this exact second.

  72. I was diagnosed last August at 25. My current fixation is the new Xbox series X I bought 😅 I’ve been playing Forager and Minecraft a lot. I’ve also been sick this week so my motivation for anything else has been zero. I’m glad I bought the Xbox last week.

  73. I’m sorry about the loss of your cat. Sort of un-ironically I could talk about my dogs for hours.

  74. Mine has been renovating my entire room and figuring out how I can start growing plants from my room in the basement 😂 I really should be more focused on finals this week but oh well

  75. I’ve been split between the Arkham Horror Card Game (which is starting to get pretty expensive) and making tiki cocktails (which is also starting to get pretty expensive)

  76. drag racing, engine building and drag car building and fabrication, never ever thought this would be something I am into, I have learned more in two years about high performance engines than most would hope to in half a lifetime (at least i like to think so), now it consumes much of my life and my limited finances.

  77. Probably a game called Twisted Wonderland right now. It's a mobile game where the villains on Disney movies are kinda rewritten as boys, of course with some liberties taken, but they're aware of said villains because they're seen as historical people and in a positive light. And boy do all my boys need some freaking therapy. One of my current favorites is a very young looking one and is so much older than he presents. He's a fae who I'm pretty sure is at least 300 years old. He raised 2 or 3 of the other characters in this game. I want to know more about his past. And I'm pretty sure what he's presenting as is a glamour.

  78. I am bingewatching everything there is to know about concept art and game design. I am also trying to improve on my art and figure out a style that I like. Riot games has a great series called "So you wanna make games???". It is really interesting to hear from senior employers at riot what they go through in their jobs.

  79. JRR Tolkien's Legendarium. I have seen all the movies, I'm watching YT videos like crazy about the lore, about to by the LoTR books and the Hobbit.

  80. I've recently started playing attention to American politics and gender roles, I don't think it's something I'd ever be comfortable discussing with someone.

  81. My backyard. I have been planning my garden, the fireplace, the stone art, the trees, an archery space, zen space, outdoor painting area. My father is less than thrilled about my new project.

  82. ADHD is currently my hyper fixation after starting meds. I’m obsessively journaling my experiences with meds

  83. Recently picked up darts and now Im to the point where Ive built 4 different dartboard set ups (each one had a change that I felt like it needed and had to be addressed immediately), got probably 20 sets of darts, and I play in most bits of free time I have (which isnt much considering I just had a kid). Previously I was into electronic programming and before that I was painting landscapes. I can feel the shift happening and I think my next focus is about to be gardening. I found myself wanting to clean up all the flower beds around my house and Ive been thinking of building some new ones so idk.

  84. Elden ring, I think I've watched every single lore video on it on youtube and I literally spent real human dollars on items because I didn't want to wait until new game+ to get a second copy of a stupid curved sword for this cool bleed build wtf

  85. Knives. Don't ask me why I like to collect them, I don't really understand. All I know is that there hasn't been an unbrokendown box in my house for months.

  86. Trying to figure out why I can't love anymore. Like ever since my first relationship fucked up, I don't let myself like anyone and feel myself be in love. It's stupid.

  87. I’ve finally come out of my researching adhd phase after getting my diagnosis! now i’ve been sucked into researching autism instead 🙃

  88. Rick and Morty is a current hyperfixation. (I had always held out watching it for some reason, but I'm already on season 5 after only a little over a week).

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