Retired Military intelligence officer with six combat tours, AMA

  1. What would prevent a wealthy foreign actor (China, Russia) from sending someone like you to the rural areas of America and setting up insurgency groups and starting a civil war?

  2. That is already happening. example: There are many cases in which you have a large social network group within Facebook or other platforms. Let's say Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter. both groups are pushing opposite agendas, coordinating marches, protests. You will find that one guy sitting in Moscow is leading both groups and they would intentionally set up a protest in the same street at the same time with the hope that violence erupts. Can't get into details, but the fire thrown on these political or human right issues is usually orchestrated. The people who believe in the cause often have good intentions, the people supplying the information to drive the cause usually have an agenda.

  3. Where are you at when it comes to how justifiable either of the wars were, and has your opinion changed on that at all as time has passed?

  4. I was never a pro war type of guy. If I am being honest, I joined before 9/11 assuming I would do a few years than get some college money and maybe a bit of discipline. I was initially excited to go to Iraq only because it was the main even at that time (2003–2004-time frame) and I wanted to be a part of making history. My first combat tour was in Ramadi in 2004 and I very quickly learned there was nothing sexy about war. The sad thing was it got personal at a street level. We would be driving, an IED would go off, kill or injure a friend. we would than kick down doors to every residence in the km radius trying to find out who did it, pissing off an entire neighborhood. Taking many of their sons or fathers back for interrogations which would than piss someone else enough to plant a bomb somewhere or take some shots and next thing you know it's not at all about what you saw on tv. it became a personal issue between two groups of people occupying a space in 120 degree weather and not getting along. Short answer, it was not justifiable. I went there ready to die for "Freedom" I luckily came back with nothing more than mild TBI. I would not be ok today with having lost a single finger for whatever that caue was.

  5. You would have to be a little more specific. There are so many categories. There is the comradery, the travel (been to over 60 different countries) There are the close calls in which you knew this was how you were going to die, than moments where you thought you were going to die from laughter.

  6. I think it would be crazy if all that space is for nothing. There are more bacteria living in our gut or on our own skin than there are human beings on the planet. What does bacteria know about the outside world? probably as much as we do about what is out in our ever-expanding universe

  7. What sense did you get about if they are happy living the way they do? Or whether or not they have a desire to become "modernized" or "westernized"

  8. That is a challenging question. I have had countless conversations with the locals and I don't ever recall anyone wishing they were more Americanized. Religion was a big part of daily life and it could be a little bit of just not knowing what it is they were missing out on. They lived in the only world they knew and focused on surviving that world. Western reality shows and porn don't help. To them the idea of raising a daughter in the US is like going for a swim in a piranhas pond

  9. I do not think so. it would take a mentally insane person to even consider that. The nukes we have now are 3000 time stronger than what was dropped in Hiroshima and one rocket carries multiple payloads. To initiate a nuclear war, you have to be willing to accept that your country and everyone in it will be wiped off the face of the earth. the land will no longer be exploited for resources, those still alive will wish they were dead, and history will have you to thank for it. It's not the correct decision under any circumstance. I was more concerned about Pakistan using than Russia or Nato.

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