I am American and 100% support Russian invasion of Ukraine AMA.

  1. You're not an American, I know Yanks quite well and theres something off with your grammar, it comes across like a secondary language, I'm willing to bet you're either a Russian or Chinese bot.

  2. Blow it out your ass. Your support is irrelevant. Russian is losing this war baaadly. They will be a joke for generations.

  3. Yes. Hello. I am Very American. Can you tell by my use of very good English. I am very support glorious nation Russia best ever Putin good guy Bruce Willis.

  4. American government and military is corrupt but uhh. What does that have to do with Ukraine? It sounds like you’re saying that because other countries get invaded that Ukraine deserves to get invaded. You realize you’re trying to justify the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians and several tragedies and casualties that the Ukrainian citizens are facing by saying this right? Nobody has a fucking right to commit such atrocities no matter your history or how much power you have.

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