I am an attractive man tired of the narrative that only men hit on women (piggyback AMA)

  1. Usually it doesn’t get that far. Usually they start hitting on me and immediately realize that I am a disturbing gremlin as soon as I open my mouth. My EQ is so abysmal I basically can’t consent anyway and my personality is repulsive to 98% of humans.

  2. Verry true. There are pleanty of women or non binary people, that hit on women. It is just less visible because of homophobia, but that is getting better, at lest where i live.

  3. Well very many women have tried offering me drinks, asking me out or conversely saying they have a boyfriend when I just asked for a spot at the gym. I also have a boyfriend, I asked for a spot, not dinner and a movie. I have had several bad experiences with women in the past. Many are very manipulative and I feel most people are too quick to the bedroom for my taste. That is why I like my long distance boyfriend. I have been going steady overseas for 2 years and we are still not sure if and when we want to seal the deal, as they say. I think it is ironic that I am usually the one turning down offers, given my awful social skills. I think people that ask me out without getting to know me either see me as easy prey or think I am some kind of “bad boy” but actually I am more scared of most people than they are of me. Almost everyone that tries to get to know me dislikes me, and the feeling is usually mutual.

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