My Babysitter Took My Virginity. AMA

  1. That’s definitely a story that will leave a mark. It sucks that you had to endure that. Did you tell anyone besides your therapist and if so did anything happen to the predator?

  2. Nothing ever happened to her but yes I did after many years tell my mom and some of my close friends and my fiancé knows along with a few of my previous gf but not all

  3. How old were you when this happened? Do you know where the babysitter is today and what she is doing? Is she in prison for other offences or living a normal life?

  4. I was 12/13 when this happened and she was 18/19 Yes I do she is married with a child and works a good job. Seems to be living a overall normal life

  5. I didn’t know how much of a mark it left until I started talking to my two closest friends about it and they suggested I talk to a therapist and yes it is helping and they suggested it would be good to answer any and all questions in a setting like this to finally fully talk about it holding nothing back

  6. But at the time I thought I really enjoyed it as well and if I was older it would’ve been okay. It wasn’t until talking with those friends I realized how wrong it was

  7. Because at the time I thought I enjoyed it as it was my first sexual encounter of any kind. I didn’t want to tell anyone because I didn’t want it to end even though apart of me knew it was not okay at all I was a kid and didn’t know the damage it was doing long term

  8. For context we lived in a rural area with a lot of trees. There was tall trees to the left that blocked all views so they couldn’t see from the left and we had a long steel driveway so you wouldn’t be able to see from the road usually unless you stopped and really tried. The neighbor to the right was a couple whose husband was always gone and that view was completely open. I’m not sure if she ever saw but she would’ve been the only one that could’ve seen.

  9. Overall negatively but I’m working to get over that. I became mainly attracted and turned on by doing the things to woman that she would be to me (except the pain part I’ve never enjoyed that) I lost many girlfriends because of it and am now engaged but have almost never showed my fiancé that side of me. I respect her too much and don’t want to lose this amazing woman, along with that I know she would be totally against it. I hope I answered your question. If not feel free to follow up

  10. I equate it to what happened to Christian Grey in the 50 shades of grey series where his moms friend was his first sexual encounter and used to do things to women that was done to him. The same has happened to me and I enjoy those things and it has caused many relationships with girls to be ruined and currently is hurting my relationship with my fiancé as it is hard for me to be turned on by anything that isn’t like what I experienced. I don’t want to be attracted to it and I don’t want to do these things with my fiancé I respect her too much and I know she wouldn’t be into it either… Sorry for the long answer but I hope I answered your question

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