poof... just like that

  1. Yep. Dr. Susanne Trimbath has already explained they have a method to getting off of this. DRS everything. Not financial advice.

  2. These criminals controls everything to their benefit not the retailers they been robbing us blind and getting rich and more powerful to do some unhinged robberies to the Americans citizens and the are taking away anything that look like financial help to the fellow 99%

  3. When there are more than 10,000 ftd’s a day for 5 consecutive days. We’re probably talking hundreds of millions (being conservative) with no options to hide ftd’s . APE goes on regsho list. After 13 days if shorts dont deliver the shares then they will be forced margin calls and forced covering. Also fines if they dont deliver

  4. WTF. I feel as if we are playing a monopoly board game. and they answer to no One because everyone is in on it. Sickening. We hold

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