A normal BBQ in Russia

  1. We did this when I was young too, there's nothing unreal about it. We bbq outside the window to prevent smoke and smell be present in our house.

  2. The person at the bottom gets the most flavour cause the grease from the neighbours above lands on their food.

  3. Unfortunately barbecues are prohibited in any Russian city. Only few permitted places per each city.

  4. I don't have a problem with this in principle, but couldn't a good wind gust blow flaming ash into the apartment?

  5. Shit like this and these comments really high light the differences in thinking between different peoples. To my simple western brain, this looks like a terrible idea. But to the folks who live in this building, those things are probably selling features.

  6. I honestly wish the apartments I grew up in America had these LOL. I always thought it would be cool to have a grill as a child but we never had a yard or porch for it

  7. Project living. We did this too some times but like on the balcony most of the time. Maybe every other apartment is a smaller one with no balcony?

  8. Bro knows how to do it. If most of the buildings here in the US wouldn't go up in flames by trying that, I'd be all over it. Hanging out my apartment window making some brats.

  9. Imagine dropping a sausage by accident and it lands on your neighbors BBQ and he eats it right Infront of you with a SMUG look on his face

  10. wtf is this bs? if you try shit like this, somebody(at least one) for sure will call firefighters

  11. It's Georgia. The Americans made them cut all ecomomic ties with Russia. Now American support has made them very poor.

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