Im thinking about getting this game and was wondering about some things

  1. On pvp everything you build in one day or two weeks if you could even make it that far, Can be destroyed as soon as you go to sleep and aren’t there to guard it. So. Idk ppl that play pvp are a whole different breed

  2. Everyone will tell you the PVP is a nightmarish hellscape, particularly so for noobs (known as "Beach Bobs"). I haven't played it, so I can't speak to that. In my experience gaming, everyone says every PVP environment is toxic in every game, so who the hell knows.

  3. If you want to play PvP, start with the Beginner server (on the Island map) to get the basics of it down. The players and dinos are level capped so you can't get the super tough creatures, or OP creatures from other maps, and it wipes regularly so tribes can't get too built up.

  4. Don't buy this game. The devs are as bad as mobile ad game designers but glorified and they refuse to fix a single God damn bug and just add more stuff to break the game. It has its fun moments but wildcard is just ass at being game devs

  5. There are multiple servers for different maps. There will never be a nowwhere you can build. Ark pvp is the most toxic game you will play. I mean a simple search would solve that question, watch some videos lol. People are just cruel. Now the pve servers are LIFE. My particular server number is fire, we’re all kind and trade or give things to each other. All one goal, to survive and thrive.

  6. yeah I think i will probably play PVE because I also have a life and even if i was good enough you have to play a lot more to stay alive in pvp so i think PVE might be better

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